Movie You're Watching Tonight


I was going to watch I Escaped from Devil's island, but I've had enough of the bitterness and hatred between warring countries for one day thanks to Casualties of War, so I'm finishing up the night with a charming little 20's bit, The Cradle of Courage. Lambert Hillyer movies are good short fodder for filling up my movies list and balancing the ratings distributions. The story's cute, but the delivery feels off.

One of my favourite films. Havenít seen it in years because an acquaintance (damn him) really ruined it for me/pulled me out of the story. Hopefully will get the magic back this time.

Gone Baby Gone (2007) Repeat for the 31st HoF
Took your suggestion and watched this last night. I can't remember if I saw it in 2007 or not...

It was a good story but the number of melodramatic "speeches" put me off. It's one of those movies where an actor gets to stand in front of the camera and give a 2-3 minute monologue, which, as much gratification as it likely gives to the actor, they're painful to watch more than once or twice in a picture.

Still, the story wasn't bad. I think Amy Ryan as the mother of the kidnapped little girl was superb in her odious role-- best of the film really. I won't be going to Boston anytime soon...

Casey Affleck was almost tolerably believable in his part, but his girlfriend played by Michelle Monaghan was miscast IMO. She was too cute and innocent looking.

Those type of inner city crime dramas don't usually age very well, but this one held up okay.