Looking for a Hallmark made for tv drama!


Hi, im new here, I found this site because I am desperately looking for a movie. It's not a famous movie, with famous actors that I remember That is why I can't find it.
So, somewhere in the early 90s, my mom had this movie on the tv. It was a corny and Hallmarky movie. Some college girls were driving, they hit someone, probably killed him/her, and they keep driving. I know it sounds like "I know what you did last summer", but it is not some Hollywood horror flick, it was a made for tv low-budget morality movie like you might see on the Hallmark channel. I remember the college students were jumping off the roof of the dorm building into the pool below, at the end one of the girls who did the hit-and-run committed suicide by jumping off the roof into the pool. Somebody must have seen this! Anybody know it?

I remember seeing this when it originally aired, but I could never remember the title -- this wasn't my post, but thank you!