Your Most Controversial Film Opinions?


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There should be a movie like that, but with terrorist attacks and shootings as the fetish.
Isn't Fight Club already like that sort of?

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You know what! I'm sick of YOU people. By 'you people' I mean people who don't like Titanic. The movies great and the romance is emotionally engaging. I wouldn't call myself a soft male but I do have a soft side and it had me teary. The film doesn't deserve the hate.
Every time my little cousins came over, they demanded to watch that movie.... thinking maybe Jack wouldn't die

Legend in my own mind
I thought 'Fight club' was rubbish.

Seems controversial to others, but not me
"I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me" (Frank Costello)

it was a tragic that Titanic didn't make the 90's list
Oh my god. They're trying to claim another young victim with the foreign films.

Prometheus and Alien: Covenant are worthy additions to the Alien franchise (the latter might be the best film Ridley's done since Thelma and Louise) and I actively look forward to a third installment in this prequel trilogy.
I was disappointed that the direction he was going with Prometheus was railroaded to make a more familiar Alien film. They even went back to the soundtrack of Alien for extra authenticity . Fair enough they did still manage to smuggle in some variations on the creature; the Alien's still too much like an animal for me though.

Holy Grail is the only genuinely great Monty Python movie - Life of Brian may have more intellectual and cinematic ambition but that just means it falls shorter of what it tries to accomplish..
Totally agree with that. Holy Grail 's actually entertaining .

Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
I don't believe so

I watched this movie many times as a kid. I found it enthralling even with its length.
Me too, I love that movie.
Glad there’s some love out there for it. It stands the test of time imo.Stil a special film.

Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
Really disliked David Finchers the game. Thought it was a complete waste of time. Sort of like those dream episodes of the sopranos

Finchers a bit hit and miss.

Welcome to the human race...
I guess if we're specifying acclaimed filmmakers we don't especially care for, I'm going to pick Allen.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Christopher Nolan is vastly overrated.
Underrated more like.