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: Howie Sheffield is going a lot in his life. His parents are on the verge of divorce and things at school are awkward enough when rumors spread about a classmate, which picks his curiosity. However, he finds solace in an older married woman. Great indie drama featuring Brendan Meyer bring both awkward and strong as Howie, who as the title indicates, relishes in "all these small moments". Great supporting ensemble cast including Molly Ringwald, Jemima Kirke, and Harley Quinn Smith.
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Enjoyed it even with it's faults.

Pretty solid B movie crime caper. Bonnie's Kids kill their abusive stepfather then go on the run to live with their crime boss uncle. Long story short - the oldest daughter, along with her new PI "boyfriend", makes off with a few hundred thousand dollars of her uncles cash and he ain't to happy. The uncle sends his two hitmen (Jules and Vince?) after them and all kinds of fun stuff happens. This is one of the films that often gets credited for influencing parts of Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

The 80's were rightly known for slasher movies and teen comedies but right on their tail were movies about hookers. Go look. There's a ton of 'em. Cookie (Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo) arrives in NYC with her little brother and promptly gets turned to prostitution by Dale Midkiff (Pet Semetary dad). He's a no good, violent pimp that "loves" her but she starts looking for a new, nice pimp anyway which makes the old pimp unhappy and things go from there. Midkiff is definitely the weakest link as he's no Wings Hauser (Vice Squad). I just didn't buy him as a bad ass pimp but other than that it one of the better hooker movies of the 80's.

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George Carlin: You Are All Diseased - 5/10
Man... Carlin ranks on my #3 of all-time comedians (and I only care for comedy, movies, music), and I ranked this #3 out of all his specials, but couldn't stand this today... It's just hate + trivia. Crass for crass sake. Big dilemma for me, as I thought I'd laugh a little, and spread it out.

Hugely entertaining. Re-watch.

Must-watch for Clapton fans. So good. Gonna sit down & watch it again. Love him.
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Abducted in Plain Sight

Not very good, but a crazy story.

WARNING: "Spoilers" spoilers below
think more emphasis should have been placed on each parent's individual action as well. "B" had sexual relations with a mom, her husband, and their daughter.. "B" wants this 11-yr old girl, so he has sex with the mother, masturbates the father, and then kidnaps the daughter. And then the mom buys her a plane ticket to work at a new business of "B" - kiddie amusement park. And then the mom has sex with "B" for over a year... I think there is a lot we're not hearing about. I would have loved to heard more from the FBI guy, who said what sounded like his own narrative, how he basically had his life affected by this work, and then to have them drop the charges, and not only enable, but sexually engage... "The church" doesn't want bad publicity, but of course they don't think about that when they do their disgusting behavior... But then years later, mom and daughter go make money, even try to make a movie out of it.... Every year I get older, the more I wanna stay away from people....

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Trip with the Teacher (1975)

4 teen girls and their teacher are on a field trip in the desert when their bike breaks down. 3 bikers tow them to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and trouble ensues. It's an exploitation movie and obvious Last House on the Left ripoff that doesn't go nearly far enough. It's got that great 70's vibe but is very forgettable and not really worth watching.

Missão dada é missão cumprida!

Damn, this is a masterpiece! It's my new Criterion wish!
— As you guys know, I'm watching Scorsese filmography in release order. So I was watching this one just to follow The Color of Money, it happens that this film it's GREAT! What a lovely surprise.

The ending was great.
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

First Reformed 2017

Solid drama, with some very powerful scenes;
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I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

'The Favourite' very much keeps in-line within Yorgos' unusual and cutthroat style, while also being totally distinct from his other films (likely because he didn't write it). The dialogue is less (intentionally) stilted than in his other movies, and as a result everything feels less alien. Also: talent all the way through. All the performances were incredible, and both Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone have amazing range (Stone's absolute best performance to date). But the best performance of the year, so far, from what I've seen: has to be Olivia Colman. She manages to weave between so many emotional states in the film, often in the same scene, and does it all without ever coming across as "I AM ACTING" - with also an extraordinary depth of character - completely submerging herself into the role, while holding nothing back in show of suffering.

I'm also happy it incorporated female power dynamics and lesbianism without once feeling preachy, on-the-nose, or otherwise influenced by lame identity politics. Not to mention the film is hardcore to the BONE. Very subtle too; it catches you like a vice. It sneaks up, messes with your head, and then floors you. I really didn't expect to be as thoroughly enthralled as I was (superb ending).

Fish-bowl shots galore.

(might switch either way on the pendulum based on a second viewing. I dunno.)
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