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Great one, SiB! Me, too!
I wonder whether lack of exposure is the reason I didn't fancy her like mad when I was younger. I mean I probably saw Elizabeth and The Lord of the Rings and that was it. She ticks all the right boxes for me.

I wonder whether lack of exposure is the reason I didn't fancy her like mad when I was younger. I mean I probably saw Elizabeth and The Lord of the Rings and that was it. She ticks all the right boxes for me.
I'd like to tick her bo...ah...ah...maybe I'd better stop there. I'll just say, yes! Cate, Cate, Cate! Love her in anything!
"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

The Twilight Samurai (2002)

A great pensive film about chances missed or not even cared about. Seibei doesn't seem too annoyed about his lot (a low ranker in the great scheme of things) till his swordmanship is called into honour. Can't recommend this enough, the titurvation of his hair was grand.....as was Hiroyuki Sanadas performance. This flowed for me but really pivoted on his performance which was just excellent. 9/10.

This movie is all over the place which makes it tough to rate. I loved parts (the nightmares/horror/Michael Berryman) and cringed at parts (all the drama). A mentally challenged man/boy, living with his brother, becomes possessed (maybe) and begins listening to his reflection in an old mirror which is telling him that killing will make him more intelligent. So he kills. It's a very unique, strange horror film that blurs the line between nightmare and reality. Some great visuals and some awful acting. If this film were a painting it wouldn't be as messy as Pollock and it definitely wouldn't be a Rembrandt. It would be a Picasso. Everything is there it's just out of whack.
You've just sold it to me Hey Fredrick

Tokyo Idols (2017) -

"On all essential problems (I mean thereby those that run the risk of leading to death or those that intensify the passion of living) there are probably but two methods of thought: the method of La Palisse and the method of Don Quixote" - albert camus
did japan embraced both to whole new level? This documenter show from the later perspective

Eventhou' it provide very good insight of the world idols, especially underground scene. one worth to appreciate for. But these quiet confirmatory bias actually provide by the filmaker, one western sjw and feminazi would say either "disgusting" or "creepy" . While i wont totally disagree with those, contemporary Idol culture in general indeed one of reflection of japan society's problems, said it in plural, whether in realities it affect in negative or positive outcome

So while it seems borderline hebephilia(let alone pedo never adress corectly) it never that simple accusation. Those middle age while living in fantasy has their own struglle and anxiety, it varies. there were also ladies and male youngster among audiences concert, for example, why dont give the mic to them. There is much bias for just juxtaposed perspective.

Also what lack is the perspectives of ex suicidal, depressed, real life outcast turn idols that actually,the underground and DIY scene should have lot of those poor souls. Probably i demanding too much tho'

I would like if there next topic in the future, deeper into exploitation in AV bussiness, call girl, hostesses, or even dark teritory like women traficking, further empashized the real mundane and frustate patriarch society been fodder by exploited the counterpart

I'd like to tick her bo...ah...ah...maybe I'd better stop there.
Let's just say we like her .

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Amores Perros (2000)

I had this on my watchlist and finally watched it for the movie tournament. The funny thing is that I had the wrong movie on my watchlist. I kept thinking where is Javier Bardem, and I realized after that the movie I wanted to see was Biutiful. I noticed it was the same director and I don't think that's a coincidence. I remember stopping by at a friend's house, seeing Bardem on the TV, and thinking the movie looked good. My guess is that I googled Bardem, Amores Perros showed up by association, and I assumed it was the movie I was looking for. Anyway, this was pretty great. Three separate stories with the different parties connected by a car accident. This is a movie that bursts off the screen. It grabbed my attention immediately and never let go. The middle act was average for me or else this would have been a new significant favorite. There's a lot of brutal misery here and it was fun to watch.

Constantine (2005)

I was never interested in this but always knew it had a lot of fans. I finally decided to try it for the movie tournament. Quite simply, it's not my kind of movie. It was also the first time I didn't like Keanu Reeves.

Horse in Motion (1878)

The worst movie I've ever seen in my life. I think it's a metaphore for a complete waste of time. Don't go see it. There is no plot, barely anything that could be considered acting, and it's so short that if you're barely late you may as well not bother going at all. I literally ate two pieces of popcorn and the credits rolled. Yoda makes it sound so sophisticated in the movie of the month thread I think nostalgia is rotting his brain. It was so bad it made The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly look good.

Pacific Rim Uprising: 3/5

Thing turn a bit baffled me when it reach pivotal moment, tho' the motive become clear... rewatch needed. but before settle it with

The 39 Steps (1935, Alfred Hitchcock)

Charming, entertaining early Hitchcock. Great ending.