I have a DVD player problem, can anyone help?


I got a movie on DVD, Octopussy, and played about half of it in the DVD player before going to bed the night before. Today, after coming out from working, eating, etc, I went back to watching Octopussy.

But the disk will not play now and the DVD player says to "please insert a disc". Now I left in the in the DVD player the whole time, after I went to bed, till I tried to play it again and it wouldn't work.

I tried some other DVDs to say if they will stay play and they play fine. For some reason the DVD player has just developed some sort of problem with Octopussy while I was at work. Does anyone know what could have happened or why it does not recognize that one disc now, compared to others?

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I've had a similar problem. What I did to fix it was to remove the DVD and unplug the DVD player from the electrical outlet. The plug it back in and insert the DVD. It worked....It was like leaving my DVD player on all night made it's internal memory freeze up. Give that a try.

Okay thank you very much, that worked .