If I made a DVD collection video, would you watch it?


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I've seen a few movie collection videos on YouTube and have kinda/sorta wanted to do my own as I am fond of my collection, despite it probably paling in comparison to that of other cinephiles.

Just never have the time or make the time, but I'm off vacation next week.

Would you watch it?

I don't have many blu rays but I'm getting more these days (mostly older movies that I am curious to watch restored). I liked Chris Stuckman's video collection and how he mentioned briefly his feelings on the movies.

Plus I'm moving soon so it may be a nice segue to packing them up. I look forward to having more space for shelves.
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If someone here makes a video of their setup/display or how they've got their movies organized or something, I usually watch at least part of it. I wouldn't watch someone just listing them or going through all of them or anything, but how they store or organize them can be pretty interesting, particularly if it's a big collection, has cool shelves, or has a lot of interesting looking special editions.