rauldc14's DVD Collection


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

And once again, 3 more: The Ring, Dr. No, and Goldfinger. Goldfinger ruled so much when I saw it 2 weeks ago I figured hey why not get it. And The Ring is one of my favorite horrors of all time.

Is white trash beautiful
The Japanese version or The one with Naomi Watts?? I love both of them

4 more additions to the collection-

The Town
Raging Bull

and then 2 Capra movies (unfortunately they didn't have It's a Wonderful Life)
-Mr Smith Goes to Washington
-It Happened One Night

Two more buys, both blind:

Midnight in Paris (come on, I mean really did you think I wouldn't buy a film with Rachel McAdams in it?)


Ben-Hur (random find for $5. Not sure if I will like it or not, but it's fairly highly acclaimed. I just don't hear anybody saying they love it, though.)

Just watched Midnight in Paris. Love the visuals and it does indeed make you fall for Paris as a city. The acting was really solid I thought from Wilson and McAdams. But I really think it would have been better without Cotilliard, who made a solid movie just average in my opinion. I don't know what it was about her performance, but it seemed too fake to me. Still a good movie, but had potential to be even better.

3 buys today:
-The Bridge on the River Kwai
-Mulholland Drive (blind buy)
-Up in the Air (blind buy)

anyone seen the last 2?

Almost everyone seems to love Up In The Air. I liked it, but thought it overrated and completely depended on Clooney being just so damn likeable. Which he is. He carries the film completely, IMO. The only other thing that raised the film beyond the ordinary was the chemistry of Clooney and Farmiga.

If you like Vera Farmiga, try:

From the director of Winter's Bone.

I've yet to see it but Vera Farmiga has directed her first film:

Added to my Bond collection with Thunderball.

Also bought Notorious (1946) to add on to my Hitch collection.

I don't get why it's so hard to find Vertigo, though.

Birds (The)- Have in collection by haven't seen yet
Casablanca1 3.5 stars
Click-2 stars
Dark Knight- 4 stars
Deja Vu-3.5 stars
Departed- 4 stars
Disturbia- 4 stars
Eagle Eye- Haven't seen it in years so I can't rate
Fourty Year Old Virgin- 1 star
GoodFellas- 4 stars
Gone Baby Gone- 3.5 stars
Gran Torino-4.5 stars
Grapes of Wrath- 3.5 stars
Great Debaters- 3.5 stars
Hancock- 4 stars
Hangover- 4.5 stars
Heat- 2 stars
I am Legend- 4.5 stars
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry- 3 stars
I Robot- haven't seen in to long to rate
Inception- 5 stars
Inside Man- 2.5 stars
LA Confidential- 3 stars
Midnight in Paris- 4 stars
Million Dollar Baby- 4.5 stars
Morning Glory- 2.5 stars
Mulholland Dr.- 4.5 stars
Mystic River- 3.5 stars
National Treasure- 4 stars
National Treasure 2- 2.5 stars
No Country for Old Men- 2 stars
North by Northwest- 4 stars
Prestige- 1.5 stars
Psycho- 4 stars
Raging Bull- 3.5 stars
Rear Window- 4.5 stars
Saving Private Ryan- 4.5 stars
Seven Pounds- 4 stars
Shanghai Noon- 4 stars
Shawshank Redemption- 2 stars
Shrek 2- 3.5 stars
Silence of the Lambs- 5 stars
Stranger than Fiction- 4 stars
Super 8- 4 stars
Taking of Pelham 123- 3.5 stars
Town (The)- 4.5 stars
Transformers- 2 stars
Unstoppable- 3.5 stars
Up in the Air- 3 stars
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it