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Along Came the Devil II (Jason DeVan, 2019)

Rarely these days, sequels are as good as the originals but this is one of those rarities where the sequel was not just as good as the original, it was slightly better! The third and final act is both jaw-dropping and leaves room for a potential third installment. I loved the original and this one was well acted by Laura Slade Wiggins, Mark Ashworth, and Cassius DeVan, who could be a breakout star in the genre.

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I'll watch again soon. Really liked.

...and I was thinking a movie couldn't get more worse than Annabelle 3...
Well, I was wrong. This is the new definition of "BAD" trip.
I thought Midsommer was OK UV, with better acting I thought it could have been really good. I think it took itself a bit too seriously without the reason to. i will admit that some of the graphic scenes are blimming hilarious.

Shadows: Dark Encounter (TV, 1976) 7.5/10

WARNING: spoilers below
Another very successful episode that got under my skin. Interesting that the subjects of evacuees or adopted children have regular cropped up in this series – an insight into the fears and insecurity that could occur if you were in that position.

I wasn't familiar with Alex Scott and I thought he was really good in this, playing the 'amnesiac' John. I enjoyed the ominous beginning, as he describes his fear of the place, the trees and darkness, and it actually reminded me of Stephen King's It. In fact I can imagine this would have been quite a scary story for younger children – the tree attack for one, but also the many unsettling lines that communicate just how strange the town and its inhabitants are. It's easy to work out that John and the kite-flying boy are one and the same person but this is assisted brilliantly by excellent casting. The actors are very effective all-round, and they do well at portraying the epic nature of the task at hand.

1st Re-watch...Crisp and detailed by direction by the reliable Robert Zemeckis and the accustomed powerhouse performance by Denzel Washington makes this film appointment viewing. Denzel's character is pretty reprehensible here which makes his redemption at the film's conclusion a little hard to buy, but this is still riveting screen entertainment.

Can't believe this movie is almost 30 years old, but it still provides sparkling, mindless entertainment that introduced a whole new teenspeak that gives the average teen comedy its own dash of originality. So smart and a lot of fun. Dan Hedeya is brilliant as Cher's dad.

Really liked Flight and agree that the personality turn around seems implausible in the space of time. I dunno if addicts can be called reprehensible, he was certainly a bit of a ****. Kudos to Washington for taking the part.

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Climax (2018)


I watched this because of Gaspar Noe and Sofia Boutella. I've never thought of Noe as a particularly good director but I'm always interested in what he's doing. This ended up being my favorite of the 5 Noe films I've seen. I think Boutella is the hottest actress working today. When she started to dance, I found out where the film's title came from.

I watched this because of Gaspar Noe and Sofia Boutella. I've never thought of Noe as a particularly good director but I'm always interested in what he's doing. This ended up being my favorite of the 5 Noe films I've seen. I think Boutella is the hottest actress working today. When she started to dance, I found out where the film's title came from.
Sounds pleasant . I was watching her recently in bits of Star Trek Beyond and found her appealing .

Noises Off... (1992)

A perplexing title, which refers to noises off stage in theater that are meant to be heard by the audience, this film directed by Peter Bogdanovich based upon the play by Michael Frayn, is a whirlwind of ensemble acting.

The stellar cast includes, Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, Julie Hagerty, Christopher Reeve, Nicollette Sheridan, John Ritter and Denholm Elliot. Never will you see such comedic timing in a display of lightning dialogue and dizzying action in a rather complex staging. The second act is some of the finest writing and performance that I've seen.

There's no way the viewer can catch all the gags and follow the complete story line in one viewing. But most will want to see it again. I did...


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Joker (2019)

Last night while the theater was laughing I was trying not to cry.
I didn't sleep at all, I took the time to think about what to write here.
It's sad perhaps, but I know the exact felling he had on each moment.

Joker 🃏. 8/10

The performance by Jacquin Phoenix was tremendous. The story was well put together and the use of lighting/effects etc were on point.

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Joke (2019)

Had to give it time to digest. It was easy to appreciate Joaquin's performance but I still hadn't made up my mind on the film as a whole. Now, after sleeping on it, reading about it and watching clips/images, I love it. Maybe Joaquin was so good that he totally overshadowed the film? Anyway, loved how it was so dark and the gritty feel of Gotham was all too reminiscent of Taxi Driver, especially in given the similarities I felt between Travis Bickle and Joker.
No time to write more but I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

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It doesnt change the fact he stitched you up like a blind little gay boy

Love this film.. always will

I wanna be sedated

Four Lions (2010)

Funny as ****!!!

Joker (2019) - Todd Phillips

- Terrific Movie.Joquin Phoenix is amazing and the storyline is awesome and haunting. You have to love this.
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The House That Jack Built (2018)

I was intrigued by this psychological thriller about a serial killer throughout.
It's got some very disturbing and gruesome scenes, but at times it felt like it was on the verge of being a dark comedy with some very brief similarities to American Psycho or the series Dexter, although it was not a copy of either.

The unique thing about it was the narration between the main character, Jack, (played by Matt Dillon) and an unseen person we don't meet until the end. Also, it was a blend of murder and art (which in some ways reminded me of the character of the Joker - not the new movie, since I haven't seen it, but the fact that the Joker considered himself a homicidal artist).
The way the movie progresses, with chapters, was interesting.

I'm questioning the ending - not sure if I really liked it or if it was too hokey and kind of killed the rest of the movie? It wasn't what I was expecting (which is good), but it was also a turn in a direction away from the rest of the movie and I wonder if something a little more reality based would have been better (like the whole time Jack had been talking to a psychiatrist after being caught and sentenced to prison, or to a priest as he's about to face execution for his crimes?).

I would give this a solid 4 except for my unsure feelings about the ending and my usual complaint - the movie is 2.5 hours long! No need for it to be that long.