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Miscellaneous load time improvements


Just a small thing, I've cached a bunch of recent review stuff so that the Reviews page loads much, much quicker. I might do the same for some other pages, but honestly most of those load insanely fast already so it might not be necessary. This one was just consistently taking a full second to start displaying, simply because it has to traverse the massive post table. Made a lot more sense to just cache that each time we approve a review.

Still a bit slow when you go to browse the giant (almost 13,000!) list, but I'll take a crack at that next.

Oh, also, use this thread to just let me know if a page is consistently taking a full second or longer to reload.

Obviously connections will hiccup (and, to be blunt, 99% of the time slow-downs are on the user side, because our server is wildly overpowered relative to our needs), so make sure it happens over and over and not just occasionally. But if you notice any other pages taking a full "one-one-thousand" on a consistent basis let me know, because that's a candidate for caching.