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That's weird, and I never knew there was a dubbed version. It could be because the original audio track was poor quality and so couldn't be heard well.
Original audio if fine tbh, they did it for the accents
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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

Original audio if fine tbh, they did it for the accents
I have a hard time with strong accents and often have to use subtitles. I've seen Mad Maxx I'm thinking it was in original Australian. But been a loooong time though.

Not a huge deal, but branching off of something that was said on the Top 100 thread regarding the tabulation...

I definitely did that more than once and I arranged the films alphabetically to correct those. I guess I missed one.

To be fair, I would have no idea that these are the same movies. I just put the titles in and didn't double-check to see what the movie was.

My eyes were probably crisscrossed at this point.

Some people did not put full titles and I had to make sure they meant certain movies over others.

At a certain point in the list, I stopped double-checking as I knew they would not make the Top 100.
For future ballots, we should settle on a way of listing foreign films that avoids confusion. Making sure you add the release year (IMDb release year?) to each entry could be an alternative, but there should be a way to avoid this. This should help whoever's in charge of tabulation.
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