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Max Payne -

thinking about the users who posted on here in like 2005 or so about how a Max Payne movie would be the first truly good videogame movie and wondering how they feel now
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
Iro's Top 100 Movies v3.0

Finally watched the Thanos part 2 movie. The endless orgy of characters coming into the movie out of the blue, is bewildering. Shoddy flow, to many stop-start plot lines. And with all the creativity, all they could muster up is time travel, the oldest movie trick in a movie. God knows, how this movie made $ 1B. We really need Thanos to destroy the planet now!

My Favorite Films

The Patriot (2000)

Six pounders... Lots of em.

8.0 / 10

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Casino (1995)

Still an incredible movie despite Vegas kicking my ass when I was there a couple months ago.

Saw Good Boys! Pretty funny movie! 6/10

Steamboat Bill Jr. (Charles Reisner & Buster Keaton, 1928)

Sadly just didn't float my boat that much

with all the creativity, all they could muster up is time travel, the oldest movie trick in a movie.
It depends on the story but I think time travel as the solution often feels weak (Star Trek had this a lot, with poor time travel logic). I've still not seen X-Men: Days of Future Past in full but it alienated me from the franchise because of the sway towards science fiction (my genre!), the amount of characters, and the time travel link up with the original cast. To be fair the method of time travel there is very believable and interesting I'd compare it to Quantum Leap.

Inglorious Bastards

The Hateful Eight

Been on a Tarrantino kick lately, they do seem to get better on second watch and Hateful Eight might be the fastest three hour film in the history of cinema.

The Counseleor (2013)

Rather under-whelming drama about a cartel counselor that decides to take a walk on the wild side and become involved in the real high earning end part of his every-day life. Considering the cast, director and writer it's quite pallid and can't decide what it wants to be. A talky, contemplative film (McCarthy), or a multi-character quick-cut film (Scott). Ultimately I don't think the source material, director or actors produced anything memorable at all.

Happiness (1998) was pretty great

Pretty messed up, pretty great nonetheless!!!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2018, B)

Committed and affectionate collage of the late 60s la Inherent Vice, The Long Goodbye etc., using the three stars as indicators of up and downs in the industry hurtling towards a cultural shock. But what if...the shock never happened?? For once, Tarantino's blatant indulgences come across well and immerse us in the period, but simultaneously show off his weak spots. Are the hippies just too idiotic?