Road Trip Pics and Blog


Okay so my wife told me it was 5 miles, my phone said 7. I dont care if it was 2, it was freaking hard .
“The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

That’s a long hike over that terrain whether it be 7 or 2 miles.
I’m here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. That’s why I’m here now.

That sideways photo thing makes that rock climbing photo look insane. I'm like, why are they letting him do that?!

How are the dogs liking the trip?

So I am able to tether to my wifes phone which gets 1 bar. Ill take it lol.

The dogs are loving it, about to take them crabbing with us on the Chesapeake.

Not sure why pics are sideways sometimes , not sure how to fix until i am in front of PCyeah that pic does look crazy that way.

Thanks, it is really amazing how far you can go out and still be in water below your knees. I stopped going at what i would guess is about half a mile.

Getting behind a bit on my posts here, but I will make up for it when I can.

Here are a few pics from the Biltmore visit.

We really enjoyed it there and I will put up some pics of the inside at some point. It is really an fun place and the square footage is crazy, I think they said 175,000+ sq ft.

No way we could see everything. It has two basements, one which has a swimming pool and 2 lane bowling area.

I would definitely recommend it, plan on a lot of walking if you want to see most of it.

There was also an area in the gardens that had a model train running around the whole thing, that was one of my favorite part, lots of great replica models of the whole estate in there.

Wow, I love model trains. Definitely looks like a great place to visit.

You’re having great weather by the looks of it. First day of summer here in Connecticut is a washout.

A few evening storms but overall yeah weather is great.
2 more days here then a day in D.C. before hitting N.Y.

Sunset on the Chesapeake.

Started running low on DVD options here in nowhere land so we found an old stash of VHS stuff AND a player. Getting ready to watch these bad boys, our son has never seen them.

So focusing on the movie/cinema aspect of our trip thus far we have watched quite a few films during the times of the day when we were just hanging around the house. So far we have watched:

Nightmare on Elm Street 1 thru 4 (My wife has always avoided watching these because she thinks she would be too scared. The vacation home (it is her grandparents) here in Virginia had the whole collection of Freddy stuff so we made it through the first 4 flicks. She was more grossed out than scared lol, but wants to watch the rest.

Shrek, Lilo and Stitch, Garfield, Harry Potter 1 thru 4, (Our son's picks over the last 10 days or so).

TAPS, Cadillac Man, Matrix trilogy, Outsiders (one of my fav movies) Finding Nemo (we all wanted to see that one). Saw a bunch of westerns on the Grit channel they get here, Very few channels on the antenna here, mostly religious and Spanish stuff.

Might have saw a few more I cant recall atm, but all in all it was fun sitting around watching old flicks with the family. I had never seen Cadillac Man before myself, or if I had I do not remember it. That damn yippy dog drove me crazy, the best parts were when Williams broke the 4th wall, loved that.

Packing up to head out to D.C. in the morning, it has been great being mostly off the grid, but will be nice to experience high speed internet again.

Limited time in D/C. but I really want to get by Arlington and Lincoln Memorial.

So much to see in DC, saw monument, Capitol, and Lincoln and WWII memorials yesterday. Today we went to Arlington and later the Smithsonian, phewwwww miles of walking but well worth it. I keep having "Designated Survivor" visions.

Dogs not allowed in a lot if places so we take turns going . Love it here.

Pics won't upload right now, but hope to post some soon.

Did you see the Vietnam memorial? Planning a White House tour? One thing that’s great about DC (if it’s still the same) is that all the “sights” are free admission.

Did you see the Vietnam memorial? Planning a White House tour? One thing that’s great about DC (if it’s still the same) is that all the “sights” are free admission.
We had to choose because of time constraints, but happy with what we saw. Our next visit we want to do White House, Vietnam memorial and the holocaust museum. Over 12 miles of walking in two days with two dogs, so much enjoyment though. Yeah the free part was great. Just parking which wasn't too expensive.

Some Arlington pics:

Posting stuff out of order at times, but hey who cares its all the same vacation .

Just got to DC, found a parking spot fairly close to the National Mall (a very difficult feat I might add) and Dev found a vendor truck that matches her hair.

A very neat place for pictures, We walked from the Capitol to the Lincoln Monument and back. Also lots of squirrels which made walking to large dogs a bit difficult but entertaining.

Smithsonian Castle, Dev also took Damian into the Smithsonian National History Museum, I dog sat in the van with the AC on full blast.

So I also posted this pic on FB and my in laws found it funny to make fun of the phallic symbol between us and said it is a sign of something to come. Shheshhh the mouth on those New Yorkers.

WWII Memorial. I really loved this area, so peaceful yet powerful. Definitely made me feel grateful for our country.

Cool to finally see this in person, it was so crowded though. The doggies weren't allowed at the top of stairs - the guard said sorry you cannot bring the dogs up here in a very serious voice and then proceeded to say how cute they were.

So we are in NY now at my wife's grandparents house. We are roughing it a bit as there is no water here and a lot of remodeling going on but they let us stay here anyway. Her Mom's house is just down the block where we can use bathrooms and stuff but not enough room there to sleep and the two dogs. I will not lie and say I didn't utilize the bushes at 5:30 this morning though.

We are here for about 3 week and taking one of those weeks to go north to Maine/Niagra while our son goes to YouTube camp here. I love him, but it will be nice to have just adult time .

I have been trying to wear my MOFO shirt in the pics more often, I should have bought a 2nd one, its hard to keep clean in the hot weather.

I am trying to swing some Hamilton tickets while we are here too, I am hoping to surprise Damian, he really loves the songs from the play and sings them all the time.