Survivor 9: A Journey through the World


Quick questions

1. For our character, do they have tp be from an existing piece of fiction (seeing as Camo mentioned he'd pick from one of two existing characters if he was participationg) or do we create our own character?

2. When I've decided on mu character and location, do I post it here or PM it to raul. I'm guessing its the second but I want to be sure

I'm posting my character and location here. Provided we actually have a game.

I have decided that I will be....


And my location is:

6151 Richmond Street,
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So if you get kicked out you're off to Shady Pines?
was that the one who gets threatened with shady pines i've never watched the show
Picture it - Miami, every Survivor game.

Here's @TheUsualSuspect and I having a cup of coffee.

Yes, she was the one threatened with Shady Pines Retirement Home.
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My character is Yam Davis.

My location is Greenwich Village, New York


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To be fair, you have to have a fairly high IQ to understand

Scanned through the thread and would like to play if I am needed, if not it is cool I dont get on MOFO as much as I would like, but I always try to participate in Survivor. Just let me know when we are starting, or at least a ballpark time frame and I will try and get a character and location in the next day or so. Sounds fun.

7thson is in.

I would like to start next week, provided we get enough people. You are now number 3.

Players @Yam12 as Yam Davis @Sexy Celebrity as Sophia Celebrity @7thson as TBD

As things progress (hopefully) could you add the characters and locations to the players name on the original post so we can easily see who's who? If you can - thanks either way .