The 12th Hall of Fame


1 might be waay to violent
I wrote off one of the films I was thinking of for this reason. Also it was a bit long and I didn't have time to watch it again before deciding on a nomination.

Speaking of things I thought about nominating, I also kind of wanted to nominate something Canadian for once, but Cronenberg was the only Canadian director that came to mind. I think his films would be much better suited for a horror or sci-fi HoF, where his brand of body horror is likely to go over much better than in just a general HoF.

Also I can never get the names (and plots) of Cronenberg's films straight for some reason, other than the really odd ones like eXistenZ and Naked Lunch.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

a great mix! Ive seen the grand budapest hotel & ive been trying to get a hold of y tu mami tambien for ages. El crimen del Padre Amaro/ the crime of father amaro was one of the movies i was thinking about nominating

I haven't missed a general HOF since the first one. But I am going to skip this one just to catch a bit of a breather. I'll be back for HOF 13!

All of the noms look interesting, I've heard of some and been wanting to see them. But I've only seen 2 of the noms, besides my own nom.
The Grand Budapest Hotel

A nice variety of films!

Other than my nom, I've only seen Casablanca, City of Lost Children (which I've been meaning to watch again for awhile), and Y Tu Mama Tambien. I tried to watch Grand Budapest Hotel but turned it off because I didn't like it at all, but I'll definitely give it a fair second chance.

For those who have never heard of my nomination before (which I assume is all of you), Barbara is a film that takes place in a rural East German town in the early 80s. The titular character had applied for an Exit Visa to West Germany, and as a result is being punished and monitored by the Stasi. It's a drama, and is rather slow moving, so you might want to be prepared for that going in.