Who would win? - The Game


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Choice matchup - we need 5 votes for this one.

All Choice Matchups are 3 out of 5 votes to win

Randle McMurphy


Cool Hand Luke

"No golden thrones to follow, no shrines of solace to be found.
And only the locusts shall sing, at the end of the day."

Poor McMurphy

Choice Matchup, 3 out of 5 votes to win

Early Grayce


Max Cady

I have no idea who they are
Theyre both serial killers and rapists. Brad Pitts Early Grayce was from Kalifornia, and DeNiros Max Cady is from Scorceses remake of Cape Fear. Know your Scorcese

Cady was a mean evil sumb!tch, but Grayce was that and had that psycho strength, like a wild animal. Hes younger too. So Ill say Early