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I don't trust someone who sells a good copy of an animated masterpiece for a dollar.

I buy DVDs at garage sales all the time. You would be amazed at how many people sell brand new DVDs for $1 or less, regardless of the movie.

Is Allegro Non Troppo animated enough or is Gauche the Cellist musical enough? Whichever qualifies I'll nominate.

I only saw Allegro Non Troppo once, and I've never even heard of Gauche the Cellist.

I remember that Allegro Non Troppo had quite a bit of animation, but there was some live action too, so it kind of falls in between the two categories. Hopefully someone here knows the movie well enough to know if it qualifies as animated. If nobody objects, then it's okay with me, so I'll tentatively put you on the list with Allegro Non Troppo, and I'll make a note that Gauche the Cellist is your backup.

We'll have to ask on here tomorrow when more people are online to see if these are eligible. Meanwhile, I'll try to research them a bit tonight and see what I can find out about them.

Personally I don't think Allegro Non Troppo is a musical for the same reason that I don't think Fantasia is a musical. But if you're going to allow one you may as well allow the other.

For the record I'm fine allowing Allegro Non Troppo. So far I've seen everything, just need to rewatch them all. I might start tonight with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I might leave now Pinocchio is one of three films that have truly terrified me along with Poltergeist 2 and The Exorcist.

Just joking FM I actually had it on my Animation list. Welcome

Was it because of the donkey scene?
That and the Whale scene, also just the story in general. Disney often took f'd up stories and made them into pleasant things, but I've read Pinocchio (now) and for whatever reason they decided to make it a lot darker. Disney a lot of my love for The Exorcist comes from my childhood nightmares, same for Poltergeist 2 I prefer it much more than the original now which just feels like the 12 year old Spielberg attempting horror. I still love Poltergeist, but think of it more as an adventure film now rather than a horror.

Also I know Spielberg did not direct it.

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Alice in Wonderland would be my choice if I were in.
So, you are NOT going to take part for sure? I am only asking because this would've been my nomination.
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So I just caught up with the other musical thread.

I know that most of the racket was for laughs. but did it have to go that far? Nobody gave enough room for CR to even breathe. It seemed like everyone left him out because he's an old geezer that doesn't think properly. Even though I also don't agree with him I would have taken the time to discuss and reach an agreeing point, and at the same time joke around. Once the first few flames were ignited the thread went to the wrong direction, leading it to be closed.

I really wish this could all start over again, because something is going to go wrong, eventually, in such an unstable state. Both threads were barely standing and now one of them has fallen. Maybe we can start again after the main MoFo Hall of Fame thread is created again and the docs one gets a proper schedule. Or we can all take a break from HoFs for a while because if every single HoF gets planned and run like this in a rapid speed I'm not joining anymore.

Edit - Alright, I just found out that CR didn't act cool even after apologizing. So it pretty much means that everyone is being real cranky all because of one message board tournament. We all need to chill. Chill Club anyone?