Survivor: Superheroes vs Supervillains gameplay and challenge thread


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Daniel took 5th in big brother by not playing, and we allowed Nebbit to stay in until she was voted out. So I say give them a chance to stay in the game, at least let them be voted out. Just my 2 cents.

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Why did we lose so many players?

Who voted them out?

I am confused. I mean I get the challenge and the scores and stuff, but are you aying that because cetain people did not participate that they are automatically gone?

Shouldn't this be up to their individual tribes?

Just asking, I am cool with whatever, Guys just wanna have fiun
They are obviously not playing. I had that the first challenge would be Tuesday for over a month and I saw at least three of them online yesterday. I don't see the point in voting out people who aren't even playing but I'm nothing if not flexible. If you guys want to vote as if they are still in that's fine with me, but the heroes will get to do that too. That way if they pop back up and want to play, I guess they can. I know Jack is out for sure though.

Chappie doesn't like the real world
That many people not playing would make a lot of challenges seem pretty pointless. I say let them go.
Yeah, I kind of agree but one or two may pop up and want to play. Slob for example. I don't know if I saw him online. Something may have happened and he still wants to play. Optimus seemed really into it too.

Jack is out like I said so he's not up for a vote. Let's just try it this way this council and see if anyone pops up. You guys may try seeing what's up with them if they are on your tribe.

Chappie doesn't like the real world
Ok so Villains go to the first tribal council. Here are the tribes as they stand now:


Hit Girl
Sci-Fi Slob
Daniel M


Mr. Sparkle

Chappie doesn't like the real world

Tongo. Player points 47 (one challenge loss) Super Power: Persuasion. Card held by Donnie Darko

Hit Girl. Player points 47 (one challenge loss) super power: Persuasion Card Held by Wintertriangles

7thson. Player Points. 52 (1 challenge loss, highest scorer in challenge) Super Power: Mind Suck card held by Rauld

Nostromo Player points 55 (1 challenge win) Card held by Slob

Rauld Player Points 60 (1 challenge win, highest scorer) super power: Mind Suck.
Card held by Hit Girl

Slob Player Points 47 (challenge loss) Super Power: Insight Card held by 7thson

Optimus player points 55 (one challenge win) super power : Freeze Card held by Optimus

TheUsualSuspect player points 47 (one challenge loss) Super Power Freeze card held by Seanc

donniedarko player points 55 (one challenge win) super power: Insight Card held by Tongo

Seanc player points 60 (challenge win, individual win) super power: camouflage Card held by TheUsualSupect

Mr. sparkle player points 60 (challenge win, individual win) super power Freeze card held by Daniel M.

Wintertriangles player points 55 (challenge win) Super power: Psychic ability Card held by Nostromo

Daniel M. Player points 47 (challenge loss) super power persuasion card held by Cobpyth

Sedai player points 55 (challenge win) card held by Mr. Sparkle

Cobpyth player points 47 (challenge loss) super power freeze. Card held by Nostromo.

Sexy Celebrity player points 50 super power: held by Sexy Celebrity.