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The Arizona Express (Tom Buckingham, 1924)

Sat'day mat'nee style entertainment
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Almost famous for having nailed Madonna once

Re-watch of this movie, which still holds up. Linda Fiorentino excellent & surprised no one has given her a movie rŰle for 10 years. Peter Berg at age 30 so cute & handsome & perfect in his rŰle.
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Based on the truth.. and lies.

at night, this,
whatever this material that
gives us this blackness around,
it's a nice companion
in a city like new york,
when it's hustle and bustle,
and millions of people
here you are the king of the night,
in the store
outside you are the king of the city

and now you see
each street
has its own double life
a curtain is raised,
and you see
the homeless,
the con edison guy,
the garbage guy,
the rat,
the bat,
all the creatures of the night

and 5, 6 o'clock in the morning,
and somebody pulls a curtain,
and all that theater of the night
is gone

that theater, I find,
this is my place
these are the people that
you become invisible like them
Very nice

Beast (2017)

Slow but not boring with a dreamlike quality. It's a British thriller that manages to be unsettling without the violence. It kept my attention and it kept me guessing. Good flick.

Welcome to the human race...
Apocalypse Now -

Anyone thinking of checking out the Final Cut should be warned that it's essentially Redux with a couple of scenes missing, but man is it still worth catching in theatres.
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Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
A star is born

Just released on Netflix today. Have been wanting to see it since forever. The culmination of strong acting, equally strong music and a strong message whilst flowing together effortlessly and making me feel for the characters. That is entertainment and some, affecting on an emotional level.

Very impressed by Coopers acting and directorial chops. Maybe heíll become a new age Clint Eastwood.

Best new film I have seen in years.


The Ghost Writer (2010)

This is an atmospheric mystery/thriller directed by R. Polanski, screenplay by Robert Harris, and nicely filmed by Pawel Edelman. Ewan McGregor stars, with important roles for Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Hutton, and a nice cameo by the venerable Eli Wallach.

An author is hired to ghost write a former British Prime Minister's memoirs. The mood is set right from the git-go as the writer travels from NYC to the ex PM's home on Martha's Vineyard. The suspense and intrigue builds from there, as various CIA and other clandestine characters enter the story.

It's a Brit/U.S. mystery which inexorably unfolds to a surprise ending. Polanski gradually builds interest and allure with the use of Hitchockian techniques, cloudy inclement weather, and strangely lovely settings.

I'm not a McGregor fan, but he's well suited for this role, and provides believability. The other portrayals are first rate. The picture is an enjoyable, traditional intrigue/mystery which is presented without the use of graphic sex, violence, or excessive language.

Doc's rating: 7/10

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The Hill (1965)

Powerful tale of British Army prisoners in a North African prison camp. The real suffering and injustice are tangeable. It seeps through the performances. It is unrelentingly grim and admirably so. Sean Connery gives a fantastic driven, without being scene stealing, performance.

It's disturbing to see Mishima doing Seppuku, since we know he actually killed himself that same way 4 years later. Also, in 1969 he does seppuku in Hideo Gosha's Hitokiri, another very terrifying experience.
Ultra, how does it stand up against Schraders '85 "Mishima: a life in four chapters"?

Reading more deeply into it (which is a good side effect of films) it appears Yukio Mishima was rather a figure of fun towards the end of his life?

IMO, Thousands Cheer deserves a higher rating. It's a very underrated Gene Kelly movie that gets lost among his bigger hits.
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The Eagle
If you give off signals that you donít want to belong, people will make sure that you donít.

After noticing that people were talking sbout Tarantino. The best thing Tarantino ever did: it's basically his purest movie and all movies I watched that he made after this one feel like watered down versions of it. Basically, Tarantino could have died right after finishing this.


Season of the Devil (Ang Panahon ng Halimaw) (2018) by Lav Diaz

My fourth film by slow cinema auteur Lav Diaz. With a running time of "only" 4 hours, Season of the Devil, is one of the shorter movies by Diaz, but still a somewhat frustrating and difficult watch. From my perspective, watching a film by Diaz, is more of a (difficult) experience than entertainment. Many of the scenes are extended, nearly beyond breaking point, which makes it a rather special and frustrating watch even as a experienced cinephile. Season of the Devil works as an a capella musical, which is a very special and unique take on Philippine fascism. Imagine Jacques Demy's The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) set in a paramilitary war in the Phillippine jungle. Season of the Devil seems from my point of view as a genuine exploration of a national crisis and tendency towards right-wing fascism and as such highly reflective and in search of a national identity.

Recommended if you are into slow cinema.


The Chechahcos [The New Comers] (Lewis H. Moomaw*, 1923)
Made me realise how much more tolerable Shirley Temple might have been if only born fifteen years earlier than she was

* - best director name ever