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I did have How to Train Your Dragon on my list, in the number twenty-two slot. Just wonderfully realized in every way, and if I was six or seven years old when it came out, I am sure it would have been my Star Wars. Seventeen of my choices have made the countdown, thus far.

1. Waltz with Bashir (#26)
4. The Wrong Trousers (#35)
5. A Town Called Panic (#76)
6. The Lego Movie (#32)
7. The Illusionist (#60)
8. Alice in Wonderland (#33)
9. Persepolis (#28)
10 Akira (#29)
12. Coraline (#36)
13. Animal Farm (#89)
15. Yellow Submarine (#62)
19. Watership Down (#75)
20. Waking Life (#41)
21. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (#25)
22. How to Train Your Dragon (#19)
23. Sleeping Beauty (#54)
24. ”How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (#42)
25. Hugo the Hippo (DNP)

And I don't know how I missed it, but around the holidays and the aftermath I didn't celebrate that The Wrong Trousers had placed on the countdown! Nick Park and the folks at Aardman Animation are geniuses. Wallace & Gromit as characters are wonderful, but as much as I love A Grand Day Out and A Close Shave and as much fun as I find Curse of the Were-Rabbit, The Wrong Trousers is simply perfection. The comic timing, be it Looney Tunes level slapstick or punctuated British deadpan, is flat-out hysterical throughout, and the not-so-secret weapon that elevates this one over all the other Wallace & Gromit adventures is that fu*kin' penguin.

I love, love, love this flick! Looks like it may hold up as the highest placed short, and while I will miss the other two from my list (BTW, those of you who voted for the expurgated versions of the Warner Brothers classics in that stupid Bugs Bunny & Road Runner Movie cash grab can go jump in a lake), I am at least happy at how well The Wrong Trousers did here.

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18. My Neighbor Totoro - Voting Stats

Total Points: 356
Part of a Numeric Tie? No.
24 Votes: Three 2nd Place (24 pts. each), 3rd Place (23 pts.), Two 5th Place (21 pts. each), 6th Place (20 pts.), Two 7th Place (19 pts. each), Two 8th Place (18 pts. each), Three 9th Place (17 pts. each), 10th Place (16 pts.), 11th Place (15 pts.), 13th Place (13 pts.), 17th Place (9 pts.), 18th Place (8 pts.), Two 22nd Place (4 pts. each), Two 24th Place (2 pts. each), 25th Place (1 pt.)

Totoro was on my list at NUMBER 9. It is a very magical film and it is my second favorite from Miyazaki. I like the sense of adventure and the cat bus is awesome. I'll surely be watching this one again soon. I'm glad to see that it placed really well in this list.

My number five, and my favourite non English language animated film. Subtle and less focused on an action driven narrative than Miyazaki's other works, it has a certain beauty about it that somehow manages to capture the innocence of childhood and family life.

I couldn't get into My Neighbor Totoro.
You're not alone.

I found the children really annoying and the creatures were far more creepy than cute - especially that stupid bus. I liked it the least of the three Miyazaki films I've seen, though it wasn't my least favorite Ghibli. I watched it about a year ago and rated it a

I did like it slightly more than Frozen, though.

Top 25 Animated
8. Fantastic Planet
9. My Neighbor Totoro
10. Brave Little Toaster
11. Mary and Max
12. Alice in Wonderland
16. Pinocchio
17. Shrek
18. Charlottes Web
19. Shrek 2
20. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
22. Castle in the Sky

Five of these won't make it. Ten already have, plus Brave Little Toaster. So nine of mine are yet to show.

Leben findet einen weg...
I saw this after hearing Guap going on about it.


Just Ugh.

Not my thing at all.
Originally Posted by doubledenim
Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Totoro was my #18. I love the relationship between the children and their parents. I also love that the fantastical elements are used sparingly which makes them much more effective. Very endearing film.

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Odd question but did anyone vote for The Spongebob Squarepants Movie? I did and I'm kinda surprised it's not here, was totally expecting it to be the low-end ranks (90-100).

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
My Neighbour Totoro scraped into my list at #24.

I didn't vote for How to Train Your Dragon, but my kids love it. And the sequel. And the tv series.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Totoro? Move along... nothing to see here. I'd like to take the time to congratulate Guap though. My three-year-old nieces loved it.
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Odd question but did anyone vote for The Spongebob Squarepants Movie? I did and I'm kinda surprised it's not here, was totally expecting it to be the low-end ranks (90-100).
I did. Don't expect to see it pop up.

Also - only one sequel on the list so far.

That is to low for one of the greatest animatednmovie ever made ... It's not a ''kids movie'' it is a movie about a simple life, about nature, about imagination that everyone can enjoy. Also, it's one of the most rewatchable movie there is because there is not really a story, it's more based on the visuals and the tone. I had it at #11 I think or something like that
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Oh, it's been a while since I last commented here...

This is my list so far:

5. Duck amuck #55
6. Whisper of the heart #46
8. My neighbor Totoro #18
11. Tale of tales #53
12. Perfect Blue #44
13. The Plague Dogs #63
17. Millennium Actress #67
18. Mary and Max #23
20. Wallace and Gromit: The wrong trousers #35
21. The illusionist #60
23. Coraline #36

I expect at least seven more to appear, though.

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Pinocchio is certainly great, but was an easy one to leave off for me because there are quite simply so many better films to choose from. It is, however, one of those childhood classics that I haven't seen in years and is due for a rewatch as a result.

I liked, but never especially loved, The Iron Giant, and I can't say exactly why. It was probably a shade too coming of age for me to especially like it when it was released and just always seemed pretty run-of-the-mill after that. It's good, but I never once considered it for my list.

Shrek is a fantastic blend of intelligent writing, fantastic animation and a memorable vocal cast perfectly suited for the roles that they were given. It also comes with a direct and scathing critique of Disney's celebrated climaxes, insisting that your physical appearance actually dowsn't matter and it's the implaccable, unshakable you on the inside that mattered all along. And even if it touches on more adult humor than mids should be exposed to, the fact that the more sexual jokes are subtle enough to go right over kids' heads gives it a free pass for me.

Fantasia is an absolute dream for me: high-end animation paired with classical music in meaningful, inventive and incredibly memorable ways. Its an animation landmark that actually holds up incredibly well decades after its release.

How to Train Your Dragon is the absolute best Dreamworks animated feature, which is saying something, given how much I love Megamind. The dragons are feature incredible designs and distinct personalities. The animation, writing and voice acting are all superb and features a real punch in the gut denouement that reinforces Dreamworks' "your appearance doesn't matter" message from throughout its film catalog.

I have never especially cared for My Neighbor Totoro although I can't deny its greatness. Even what I consider a lesser Miyazaki is superior to most other animated films. It treats its subject openly and doesn't pull any punches, treating the kids and adults watching it with equal respect. I probably would enjoy it a lot more if I had seen it when I was younger, instead of just a few years ago, but it's nothing that I'm either aurprised or upset about seeing on this list, let alone so high up on it.
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My Neighbor Totoro was my number 13! I thought I had it even higher, but apparently not.

Simply everything in this film worked for me. It's deeply touching, imaginative and beautiful. It plays like a happy childhood dream that offers some comfort in difficult times.

One of the best films ever made about the power of finding solace in the midst of confusing and discomforting times...
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