Cannibal horror movies


Back in the video rental days, I would search through the tapes/disks looking for any and all horror movies I had never seen before. I have scenes from two different? movies in mind. I only remember one short scene from each. These would be something like "The Hills Have Eyes" cannibal movies. They are both modern day settings.

1. There is a father and 2? adult sons. They put a little girl into a wood box to keep for later. They are in a barn, I think. They are carrying guns, I think. The one son says something about eating her. The father says to wait, they have other concerns. The thing I remember clearly is that he uses the term pie-hole. He says something like you will get to fill your pie-hole later but ... He says it in an annoyed manner.

2. A couple have a deformed "monster" adult child. They put a teenage girl in with him. He tells her that his parents told him that he can "keep her". She replies keep me???? with some horror. I think they killed her parents before this or shortly after. This scene may not be from a movie. It might be my imagination or from a web-comic. But I can hear the words in my mind. So it might be a movie.

I just found number 1. On the Tubi streaming service. As I was sampling their horror movie selection.

Flesh TX 2009.

Not that impressive. I was not actually looking for this movie at the time. I was just playing through their horror selection.

Fair enough. I was a regular on a similar website a while back and someone was looking to identify a random screen shot of a woman with an earpiece, call centre-type setting. I was watching The Game that night and thatís where it was from. Just luck.