Question about 4k Televisions...


I'm looking for a 4k Television... but a very specific kind. I get different answers from different people regarding this question, but is there any way to turn off motion smoothing and other "enhancement" options on a 4k Television. Motion smoothing drives me up a ****ing wall! Especially when it comes to older films. That's mainly my primary question, but a secondary is that I play a lot of retro games, with the upgrade to a 4k Television did they all get rid of RCA? And also, what about an "Audio Out" jack that I can connect my speakers too? So far I have a pretty bitchen set-up right now... just I have a lower resolution Television is all and I'd like to change that at some point God willing with all the upgrades they didn't try and reinvent the wheel. But mainly my primary concerns are about "motion smoothing" and "audio out."

Any one with experience in this, thank you.
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Generally TV's will have the option to turn off things like smoothing or sharpening but exactly how will depend on the model.

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Yeah. TV's are crazy cheap last I checked, compared to even just a couple of years ago. Most online retailers also have product pics of the connection interface to confirm what in/outs the model covers. Are you speakers connected to any kind of receiver? If so, that might have an HDMI or Optical input to cover your audio connections too.
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