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10 years of excellence in denim
Gunpowder Milkshake 2021

This may be the first movie I have seen Karen Gillan in that she is not wearing blue makeup. She seems better suited to playing a cyborg.

10 years of excellence in denim
Woodstock 99í: Peace, Love and Rage 2021

As much as I enjoy documentaries, Iím too cynical to not feel like somebody is shooting an angle. Itís also hard watching a time of your life with so many memories, being painted in such a bad light.

I listened to a lot of that music and I stand by it. The representation that people were angry and fueled by ďnu-metalĒ seems a little off. A certain type of person behaves that way, but seems unfair to drag down a genre as a whole.

10 years of excellence in denim
Hudson Hawk 1991

Have you ever been hypnotized by Bruce WIllis. Fallen under the spell of his charm and receding hairline? Smirks and squints and black t-shirts that make one think John McClane went on a vacation to Rome after that Nakatomi incident.

Hudson Hawk is one glorious distillation of the 80's into the 90's. $65m was thrown at this spectacle, more than a couple union guys were assigned to the same job, rest assured. Elaborate sets, period costumes, A-list talent. No expense was spared! David Caruso nearly stole the show in a non-speaking role. Smoldering intensity and business cards of the finest paper stock.

Even the wooden acting of Andie MacDowell could not hold this film back. A script dripping with a pantheon of one-liners that would make Arnold stick his tail between his legs. "I'll torture you so slowly you'll think it's a career." Whew. Okay, maybe there's one quote that doesn't land. If you message me the line, I'll know you are a true cinephile.

Like many films, the book was better. In light of this, Hudson Hawk may still be the cinematic experience of 2021. If you can't appreciate a film of this level, you should probably go back to the comment section of your local public access station.

10 years of excellence in denim
The Suicide Squad 2021

James Gunn sprinkles some B-movie flourishes on a franchise that probably needs to be detonated. A million times better than Suicide Squad isnít saying much, but it has moments.

When I come back to this, I wonder how much watching at home may affect this? Sure, a good movie should play wherever you watch it. Instead, this felt underwhelming in light of how great James Gunnís execution may be.

10 years of excellence in denim
Promising Young Woman 2021

Anyone that knows denim, why denim, is aware of the spell that Carey Mulligan casts on me. There was probably no chance I wasn't going to enjoy this film more than most. One of the best movies I've seen in a while, due in part to the way it kept me off-balance. Not in a standard art house style, but in a natural and believable fashion.

10 years of excellence in denim
Double Feature

Nobody 2021

Slick, well-executed romp through a suburban life when it turns out to be not so suburban. Bob Odenkirk seems capable of doing no wrong and seamlessly blends into the character of former government fixer. Efficient and enjoyable.

Color Out of Space 2019

Disclaimer- the trailer for Mandy played before this and it once again cast its spell upon me. Maybe the first half of Stanley's film was viewed under the influence of a previous Cage match. It was entrancing. Soaking in the surroundings and life of this family and each member's role in domestic harmony. After the color hits the fan, this could be any other horror movie.

10 years of excellence in denim

Body Brokers 2021

Heard about this when (director) John Swab did Maron. Why I listened to his episode, who knows. As much as I like WTF, I donít listen to it a lot.

I wonít say this is a movie that you need to see. Itís not a stretch to believe that fraud exists in healthcare or people may never change. It did have some gritty moments, places I could smell and people I recognized. In that, I found a couple of moments that made it worth watching. Michael K. Williams dressed like Leonard (ddíd out and bolo tied up!) and Grillo being a sleaze bag is always good in my book.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

What a unique experience. No need to try and explain. The dialogue and camera are beyond. Alicia Silverstone is still acting!

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I would watch all movies one day!!

10 years of excellence in denim
Titane (2021)

When a troubled youth finds love in a box Caddy with a Mike Lavallee (r.i.p.) paint job and goes on the run, her only choice is to fall into the care of a juiced-up fire chief.

Wish I would have seen Lamb instead. Just looks so cute.