Terminator Genisys

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555, I agree about your comment and spoiler comment. There was so much happening that I couldn't keep up with anything properly. That's why I say it wasn't boring, but at the end of the day I had no time to take anything in.

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This is what happens when you try to make a direct sequel that's also a reboot. It just ends up twice as messy as before. A bad idea is a bad idea.

This wasn't as bad as I'd feared, but it was also more frustrating than I expected because it had some genuinely good ideas. I think it would've been better served by developing one or two of them, rather than just throwing a bunch of new stuff in there without giving any of it the attention it deserved.

Definitely pleasantly surprised by some of the concepts, though. Great ingredients, undercooked.

I enjoyed Terminator Genisys far more than I expected I would. I didn't mind the film's big twist (would have been a big shock had the trailers and TV spots not blown it well beforehand), and actually thought that it could have been something that would have worked very well had they done a better job of setting it up.

Ultimately, though, I was able to enjoy it simply because it's always fun to see Arnold back in his iconic roles. The Arnold vs. Arnold fight was, albeit far too brief, a great moment, and I thought, despite some odd choices by the writers, the chemistry between Arnold and Emilia Clarke was pretty good and really drove the movie forward. Could it have been better? Absolutely, but for what it is, I can't get too upset with it, especially considering the two films that came before it.

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I just saw it and I feel like maybe it's the worst Terminator movie in the whole franchise. People complain about how bad Terminator 3 and Salvation are bad, but at least they had plots that actually made more sense from beginning to end, where as this one is all over the place, that left me with more questions than answers.

does anyone agree with me that jay courtney is just cringe worthy and was only trying to get in the pants of sarah connor XD
A baby-faced Sarah Connor who looks like she should be getting ready for a prom date unlike the hardened paramilitary character that Lind Hamilton trained like a madwoman to deliver in looks and performance. Some 8-ball headed actor trying to pass of John Connor,
this is my biggest issue with the film

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Kyle Reese getting into Sarah Connor's pants is the whole point.

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One thing that bothered me about the movie is how Sarah was reluctant to tell Reese that he dies after they get together, and they have a big emotional moment over it. Since they changed that timeline completely, the chances of him dying after conceiving John are no more higher than anything else, so she shouldn't be so paranoid that he was going to die, if they got together at all.

Sarah does this throughout the movie, and thinks, this is suppose to happen, that is suppose to happen, etc.. Where as she doesn't realize that so much of the original timeline is changed, that all that stuff from the first movie doesn't matter anymore much.

Also why is it that they decided to move judgement day to 2017, instead of 1997? I feel that they should have just stuck with the original story and kept it in 1997. Then when they stop judgement day, the post apocalyptic 2017, changes into normal 2017 of today.

It s funny i think someone here said: kyle reese was acting as if he wanted to get laid with sarah , or it was the actor that he felt he was acting like lol.
My main gripe with this film is that the whole atmosphere and cinematography, there s absolutely no dread feeling, the music is just plain bad, the whole atmosphere will never equal terminator 2....unfortunately, that s a different beast directed by a different beast altogether

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guys, as for me, the film is certainly not great, but you can watch