What are you listening to while you're MoFoin' it?


What in the hell made them tag this as a grunge, punk and metal album?


There's NONE of the three in there. It's clearly avant-folk... with a hint of piedmont blues.


It's official. m_AJ_ik is the worst folk artist in history. A big part of me believes this horrible sound is intentional. His two 2018 albums are both in my current bottom ten of all time, and that's out of more than 10,000 albums on my masterlist. There are only two reasons why CORPORACIDE is my third worst and not my first: 1: it's not excessively vulgar like the first two, and 2: I'm mostly convinced this is intentional. It's hard to believe anyone can be aware of how bad of an experimental record they made unless they're just that idiotic. In someone like Brokencyde's case, they're a bunch of idiots already who took all the "cool" stuff "kids" like (no) and mixed it into one dumbassed album. This, however, seemed comedic in a way, like the stand-up movie You'd Be Surprised except it doesn't work.