I love you, Unregistered


Se correr o bicho pega. Se ficar o bicho come.
Love you too , babe
"Bate, bate, bate na porta do cťu."

they call me mr wayno
And wayno loves you too. Each and every one of you.

Sorry I've been away from this forum for so long. It's great to come back and find 132 pages of heartfelt admiration for yours truly.

I now have a reason to wake up in the morning [sniff].
Watch the blinking cursor. See how relaxed it makes you feel. Wayno's opinions are now your own. You can't imagine why you ever felt otherwise.

I say I love you because it's true
Know I'll never leave you.
When I say goodbye please don't cry
Because when I say that it will be the day I die.
When I say I love you, please believe it's true.
When I say forever, know I'll never leave you.
When I say goodbye, promise me you won't cry,
Because the day I'll be saying that will be the day I die.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poems/love/short/

This ******* thread, still here after I left for five months.

This'll outlive us all.
A man's got to know his limitations.

Is this thread dedicated to me???
Yes it is We knew you would join back in 2002, we're psychic that way
I knew back then too! I was 13 years old and kept dreaming of joining MoFo! 😍