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Ive slightly follow the guy for a while(his clueless gamer segment is hilarious) but very closely in recent months.
Love his wit, many brilliant skits with his writers and staff(sona, schlansky), and his without border segment is just great. but it come to surprise me that other jimmy(in plural) and even guy like colbert(?) seems much popular and always got more of the A-list guests. I know it like his show end up in much more small channel(tbs), kinda underrated show for underrated people and mind

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Conan is in a league of his own. And his fanbase will never abandon him, unlike the others.

Colbert is sometimes witty. The two Jimmys are rubbish, but just have better connections in Hollywood.

Basically, for me.

John Oliver - best show
Joe Rogan - interviews
Seth Meyers - monologue guy
Kimmell/Conan - when they trend it's often something good, I'll also go back and watch those clips.

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In the year 2000aanndd.

In the year 2000aaaaaannnnnnndddddddd

Huge fan, long time. I think his show lost a little something a few years ago, but I think it had more to do with him being less hands-on with it (doing other things) and not with him ceasing to be funny. His new-ish podcast is very good most of the time, too.

Still an all-timer at his best.

It's been a long time since I've watched late-night at any great length, but Conan is definitely near the top historically as far as being naturally good comedically. I'd say he's unmatched by any other current hosts.

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He should have Aubrey Plaza on every week, he can't handle her and looks like he wants to just laugh constantly to everything she says.

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Has always been my favourite. His interview skills are lackluster, but everything else is really good.
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I could never get into the guy. Some of his bits are funny, but I don't follow him enough to give an average take on them. The few times I watched his show I never saw the draw. A close friend and old co-worker used to love the show. I tried but eh. To me, his rhythm is off. The few interviews I've caught he seemed unprepared mostly just letting the guest riff on whatever while Conan took a backseat, squirming back into his chair jumping in on a few points from the guest but mostly it seemed like he was just echoing what the guest already said.

I loved Colbert on The Daily Show. His energy was high. When he started the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, I thought he was quick and his hosting skills were tight with his faux conservative radio machine-gun style talking points. It was a full time bit, but it worked for me. A lot of that was toned down, it seemed, when he stepped into late night. I stopped watching soon after, but I've always appreciated his style in sort of playing both the straight man and the funny man at the same time adding an extra layer or two to dissect.
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Conan popped off right when I was getting to age that I started "staying up late". Then when summer vacation would hit, I'm sure I watched it every night.

His pod is one of the best. He might as well be Leo Getts.