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House of the Dragon


I know this season has 2 episodes left and many have issues with this season. But No D AND D for the prequel series and Im hearing Martin will be involved in it. Well he d have to be because he owns still the rights to the history of Game Of Thrones.

As in the Age Of Heroes. Im hoping it deals with White Walkers In Season 1 and then movies onto lets say Doom Of Valyria in season 2 and you get what mean. Im hoping each great thing mention in age of heroes is a season.

Im using this persons video because he is best found expert on youtube about anything thrones.
Im hoping this will be better then seasons 7 and 8. Want the feel back of the early seasons of Thrones.

Emergency Awesome is pretty clued up on a lot of things, I catch some comic stuff occasionally too but he's heavily informative on thrones for sure

I fallow allot of his CW shows stuff and Star Wars. His Star Wars stuff is not every day. he only does stuff when its real news not click bait stuff. But Thrones seems be his big show and expect not different for the prequel series.

This video is from january but it has the new unknown actors that will be joining in Naomi Watts and The Actress who played Rita Skeeter from the Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. For the prequel series rumored to be called Bloodmoon.

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Okay. I was hesitant about it because of the way GoT's ended and was determined to not give it a chance but this show is outstanding. Took me a couple episodes to warm up to it but by ep. 4 it hit it's stride and now I'm hooked. I hated Daemon the first couple episodes but his ways of solving things has grown on me. And the Queens kids, I have a feeling the one is going to give Joffrey a run for his money as far as being a despicable person. A despicable person but far more savvy and capable of chaos than Joffrey. I also like the way it foreshadows some of the GoT's stuff, mostly the fire and ice stuff that D and D just dropped in the gutter as Games went on. The last few episodes have all been 5 stars

S2 teaser trailer.