I'm four episodes in on another winner from HBO. Former SNL regular Bill Hader plays a professional hitman who comes to Los Angeles for a job and follows his mark to an acting class where he gets hooked and decides he now wants to be an actor. Unfortunately, like the mob, once you're a contract killer it's pretty much impossible to walk away. This deliciously dark black comedy works thanks to extremely smart writing and a really great cast where Heder has finally proven his ability to be a leading man and Henry Winkler has reinvented his career playing the teacher of the acting class, a role that has already won Winkler an Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Not for everyone, but really enjoying this one so far.

I like it fine. I'm into the second season, and it just feels...okay? Almost never thrilling, or hilarious. Just moderately dramatic, pretty well-made, sometimes funny. I'm not quite getting enough of either "half" of the show to like it that much, though. I think it needs to lean into the dark comedy thing.

The goofy eyebrow-less gangster seems so, so much like the kind of offbeat character that was kinda revolutionary in these prestige shows 15 years ago, but almost feels formulaic in his oddness now.

I'll keep watching because it's decent, short, and because I love Bill Hader. For now, at least.

I just watched the season 1 finale and they pulled me back in...I almost gave up on this one and I'm so glad I didn't. Cant wait to start season 2. Bill Heder is killing it, this guy should be winning all kinds of awards for this.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Recent interview with Hader on NPR: Fresh Air, if anyone is interested.
"My Dionne Warwick understanding of your dream indicates that you are ambivalent on how you want life to eventually screw you." - Joel

"Ever try to forcibly pin down a house cat? It's not easy." - Captain Steel

"I just can't get pass sticking a finger up a dog's butt." - John Dumbear

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
I just started the show based on the interview. I think I'm 4 episodes in. I'm glad to see Winkler playing straight (mostly) and so sinister with his sexual interest of the detective. This one was avoided mostly expecting it to be a Dexter clone. It's borderline and so much of it feels already done. I'm jazzed for Bill Hader and the cast, but it does feel kind of generic or maybe 7 or more years late to the game. Still enjoying it for the most part. NoHo cracks me up, but nothing new yet. I have a similar feeling as I did with Crashing. I finished that one and will probably also finish Barry, for as long as it goes.

This show took a big leap forward a few episodes into season two. I think most people who've caught up will know about the time I mean. The entire second half of the season was better than basically anything that had come before it. Glad to see it found its stride.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Just finished s1ep7 and things took a turn I was not expecting. That was a good episode and I'm enjoying the fantasies he keeps blanking out on.

“Sugar is the most important thing in my life…”
This show took a big leap forward a few episodes into season two. I think most people who've caught up will know about the time I mean. The entire second half of the season was better than basically anything that had come before it. Glad to see it found its stride.

Hader did a pod in regards to S2. A lot of the discussion centered around one episode and what a change of pace it was. Hader remarked that it will be an episode that people talk about, new people will watch, but it is not anything like the others.

Fun to hear him talk about how he directed while being in the scenes...or was he?

I think I know the episode you mean. And yeah, that's the one everyone's gonna talk about, though the one before it was when the show got really good, I think.

“Sugar is the most important thing in my life…”
If HBO lets you dL like Netflix, I'll probably take Barry on a trip.

The premiere had some great moments. Waiting until Monday so I can watch this back-to-back with Better Call Saul makes for a wonderful night of television.

LOVED the first episode of third season. Anthony Corrigan was brilliant in that interrogation scene. Elizabeth Perkins' character was SO creepy....was this her first appearance? That initial shot of Sally entering the movie studio was amazing...had no idea studios were that big. That phony gunshot on Sally's forehead made me jump out of my chair. The relationship between Barry and Hank is the best...when these two do a scene together, anything else wrong with this show becomes irrelevant. Gene's scaring me...I can't believe he's still so freaked out about Janice's death. That last scene with Barry and Gene was bone chilling.

Just watched ep 2....Bill Hader literally scared the hell out of me in that first scene. really unsure as to why getting Gene an acting job is going to ensure his silence. I don't remember how Sally got COMPLETE control over this television show, probably addressed in season 2 and I forgot. Gene's right...Barry's plan does suck. Henry Winkler's monologue at the halfway point was wonderful. Love all the backstory we got on Gene in this episode. How did Barry get to Gene's son's house before Gene did? Seriously? How did he even know where his son lived? This episode ruled!

Just watched ep 3...Gene is totally creeping me out. Fuches is right not to trust Hank. I can't really tell if Barry feels guilty about killing Janice. Is Barry insane or just devoid of conscience. Hank's boyfriend isn't going to be around much longer. Loved when Gene smacked Barry. Loved the reveal that Gene threw hot tea on a PA on Murder She Wrote. How did Hank know where Fuches is. Loved that first shot of Barry at the Kraft Services table. Can't believe Barry really thinks he's "working things out" with Gene. Loved when Gene struck back and realized almost immediately what a mistake it was. Henry Winkler should submit this episode for his Emmy reel. Creepy episode.

The twist for Gene that opened ep 4 was genius and I loved the always dependable Stephen Tobolowsky as Gene's agent. Loved Joe Montegna's cameo (who looks incredible). Hope we get the backstory on the restraining order. I love all the names being dropped for Gene's backstory. Really don't want to see that mother and son get hurt. Sally's slo-mo arrival to the premiere was extremely effective. I lost it when Barry had to call customer service for assistance with the detenator app. I do not want to see No Ho Hank dead...if they kill Hank, I'm outta here. Maybe it's just me, but Sally becomes less likable with each episode. Can't believe she thanked Barry in her speech...can't remember the last time they spent more than five minutes together. Never seen a mother and son buying a gun together before. Excellent episode.