Looking for this movie


So I remember watching this movie when I was a kid with my mom.
It's about this one chick & her parents (I think) who have a pretty big house. And then at the beginning of the story she's outside and there are other kids outside and one of them look at her while poking his tongue on his cheek (to say she wants to have sex with her). She gives him the finger and gets in her car, and the other kids follow her. They get to her house, and then they break in and at some point they set the fire to the house near the end.

If that can help anyone

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i would be uber-super cool to specify your age, or to save us time calculating, the approximate year you saw this movie

Oh yeah sorry. I am 18, probably seen this when I was 11 or 12. I know there was a black actor in the movie and at some point the protagonist writes something on a mirror with blood.

I believe the movie I was looking for was Hostage with Bruce Willis. Can anyone confirm ?