New Here :)


Hey everyone,
I'm Matt, I just arrived here, I've been watching movies for a long time now but really want to get deeper in the scene
So yeah, that's about it, and oh yeah, I'm from Quebec, Canada

Thanks everyone !
Indeed, I hope so too, reading through the top 100s lists posted here I realize that I haven't watched that many movies ! Lots of pictures I have never heard, I think this is going to be interesting
Oh, I forgot to add that I'm 17 years old, and English is my second language too

I don't think spamming is appropriate on this forum, but anyways, thanks, and welcome to you too.


I too am new, thought I'd say Hi in here as opposed to spamming the forum here with introduction threads.

Huge Gosling and DiCaprio fan here.

-Adam from Sydney, Australia