I can't contact Mr Minio - Possible Reasons!


Hey, some of you might not know me. I'm Mr. Mino, Mr Minio's younger brother. There's something I need to tell you. It's very important and your very lives might depend on it. Without further addo, let me start.

It all started when @Mr Minio, my twin brother, was discussing his favorite horror films with his fellow MovieForums users. He had recently become interested in the legend of Countess Elisabeth Bathory and was discussing the topic with other MoFos. Little did Mr Minio know that his fascination with the legend of the Blood Countess would lead him down a dark and dangerous path.

One of the MoFos, who Minio had been talking to often, was a mysterious user named @MovieGal. She was always eager to talk about the same topics as Mr Minio and the two had become fast friends. But it was not long before Mr Minio started to become suspicious of MovieGal. She had an unnatural fascination with the legend of Elisabeth Bathory and even went so far as to suggest that maybe the Blood Countess was not a myth after all.

Mr Minio decided to look into the matter further, and he started to do some research in an attempt to uncover the truth about MovieGal. He learned that the legend of the Blood Countess had originated in the 17th century and that Elisabeth Bathory had been accused of murdering young virgins and bathing in their blood in order to maintain her beauty and youth. The more Mr Minio looked into it, the more he began to suspect that MovieGal could in fact be a reincarnation of Elisabeth Bathory. He started to look into her past, searching for any clues that could prove his suspicion. However, he could not find any evidence that linked her to the Blood Countess. Mr Minio was stumped and he had almost given up on his investigation when he stumbled upon a clue that changed everything.

He found an old painting that depicted a woman who looked remarkably like MovieGal. Upon further investigation, Mr Minio discovered that the painting had been created in the 17th century, around the same time as the legend of Elisabeth Bathory had originated. At this point, Mr Minio was sure that MovieGal was in fact a reincarnation of Elisabeth Bathory. He did not know what to do and was afraid of what might happen if he revealed his discovery to the other users of Movie Forums.

He decided to keep his suspicions to himself and to continue to monitor MovieGal's activity on the forums. But Mr Minio didn't know that MovieGal had been aware of his investigation from the start. She had been monitoring his activity on the forums and had become suspicious of him. She had also discovered the painting that had revealed her identity and had become terrified of what Mr Minio might uncover if he continued his investigation.

One day, out of the blue, MovieGal sent a message to Mr Minio. In it, she told him that she knew what he had been up to and warned him to stay away from her. She also warned him that if he continued his investigation, she would find him and make him pay for his actions.

Mr Minio was now certain that MovieGal was in fact a reincarnation of Elisabeth Bathory and he was terrified of what she might do if he continued his investigation. He decided to heed her warning and to stop his investigation. However, his curiosity had gotten the best of him and he could not help but to continue to monitor MovieGal's activity on the forums.

He noticed that MovieGal had become less active and seemed to be planning something sinister. He also noticed that she had moved from her home in the city to a castle in the countryside. At this point, Mr Minio was convinced that MovieGal was up to no good and he decided to take a trip to the castle to see what he could uncover.

He arrived at the castle and was immediately struck by its dark and eerie atmosphere. He explored the castle and soon discovered that it was a place of evil and darkness. He also found out that MovieGal had been using the castle as a hideout and was using it to lure young virgins. He also found out that she was murdering them and bathing in their blood in order to maintain her youth and beauty. Mr Minio was horrified and he knew he had to get out of the castle before MovieGal discovered him.

Minio ran from the castle as fast as he could and made it back to his home safely. Unfortunately for Mr Minio, MovieGal had discovered his investigation and had left the castle to find him. She was determined to make him pay for his actions and to put an end to his investigation.

Mr Minio told me about all of this yesterday. And then he vanished. Even more disturbing is some recent activity on his account. He apparently was online today, but it's impossible because I haven't had any contact with my brother since yesterday.

Now that I'm yet another person that knows about MovieGal's bloody ways, I'm leaving this thread as a warning and proof because I'm afraid that I may vanish soon, too.

Oh God, somebody's knocking on my door. I have more to say but I have to post topic or else it might be too lat
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