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Kataude mashin gâru [The Machine Girl] (Noboru Iguchi, 2008)
Very much doubt she'd ever be employed in any union run workshop though

terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

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Antoine and Colette - 6/10
Second time I saw this, but it was a short, and I found out about mid-way. Its alright, thirty minutes long.. Many times I'll watch the first 20 minutes and think "I'm not in the mood for this". I also keep forgetting to rate this on IMDB, and saw some favorites I forgot, which probably is the reason I only have 2,000 movies rated on IMDB (and I won't even count anything I saw under 18)

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Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones - 7/10
As soon as I typed this in looking for a photo, I see establishment media crying over this ("Vice" is another milquetoast joke), so of course, I want it to do even better. Society sucks, and someone needs to point it out. I could do without the celebrity crap - don't know them, don't care about them. I didn't realize until the near who "Juicy" was and I still don't know him... I'm glad Dave didn't use his body to hit the microphone 500 times! I laughed a handful of times - so it's a win for me. I'm on an island, man!

The Bib-iest of Nickels

I'll need to take some time to fully collect my thoughts on the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film, but I feel comfortable it landed more on the positive spectrum as far as my expectations were concerned. As a fan of the anime series, I had a lot of apprehension when it came to a live-action film. I've been burned before, after all. Similar to the Fullmetal Alchemist film, it does feel like the filmmakers had a lot of affection for the series, featuring a lot of scenes that are directly from the source material (or, at least, the anime). Unlike the Fullmetal Alchemist film though, which tried to incorporate so much content into it, Tokyo Ghoul doesn't even cover the first season of the series. Instead, it lands somewhere in the middle of the season, and ends before things really get dicey. The special-effect aren't ideal, but they're on-par with expectations given the budget. Even though I said it was more conservative than Fullmetal Alchemist, I still found myself thinking it could have slowed down and smelled the roses. In-fact, that's a sentiment I feel about the anime series as well.

You mean me? Kei's cousin?

Patema Inverted (2013) - First Time on Blu-ray -

Whoa. This movie really delivers. Writer-director Yasuhiro Yoshiura does a really good job here. Some might take issue with how its endgame leaves some things to the imagination but is that really a bad thing? I'd say it even leaves room for a sequel, a sequel I'd be down with watching if they ever made one. Its premise and story of reversed gravities are very well-suited to the medium of animation and Yoshiura takes full advantage of this, swiveling the frame upside down several times to show how its characters see the different worlds they are thrust into. The animation is stunning, as you'd expect from a 2013 anime, and the 1080p transfer does a great job of reproducing this while Michiru Oshima's musical score comes across loud and clear on the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track. The English dub from GKIDS is a really good one. Michael Sinterniklaas, who many will remember as Kenji Koiso in Summer Wars and Taki Tachibana in Your Name, is excellent as Age (pronounced Eiji), a high school student on Aiga, the surface world, who dreams of flying and befriends the titular Patema and sets out to rescue her after the fascist government captures her. Cassandra Lee Morris, who many will remember as Amy in Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, is also excellent as Patema, the princess of an underground world also placed under restriction upon restriction and often explores the "danger zone." Robbie Daymond, who many will remember as Shoya Ishida in A Silent Voice, is also rock-solid as Porta, who lives in the same world as Patema, while Richard Epcar is appropriately sinister and "Eeeevil!" as Izamura, Aiga's dictator who doesn't care who he has to kill to keep the truth buried, in quite the departure from his turn as Batou in Ghost in the Shell. Funnily enough, there's also Audrey Burne (and Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon) herself Stephanie Sheh as Kaho, a character implied to have a thing for Age. Why is this notable, you ask? Because Sheh would later voice Mitsuha Miyamizu in, you guessed it, Your Name. Everyone else is also solid and the dub script is completely natural. All in all, this is one blind buy I don't regret and I can see myself rewatching it many times in the future for sure.

This film could've just been another B movie, but due to several factors such as a slow, aggrandizing buildup full of slow-burning tension, multiple suspenseful and unnerving sequences which do a more than fine job of getting under your skin, and standout visual set pieces such as the iconic phone booth scene and certain shots of the birds near the ending, it became one of the best films this sub-genre of horror has to offer.
The thing I love most about The Birds is that Veronica Cartwright is in it .

Peyton Reed

Yay, another cheesy Marvel movie! At this point it feels like Marvel is just introducing new characters for the sake of making more movie, and they're not even trying to hide it. Another typical & predictable flick.

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter
P.J. Pesce

Somehow people seem to enjoy this TV movie more than the previous installment, but it just didn't do much for me.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
André Øvredal

I had quite high expectations regarding this movie given how it was promoted and marketed, but again, it's another predictable horror movie. I have no clue how this managed a PG-13 rating, however.


De Palma
Noah Baumbach & Jake Paltrow

I learned about the director's life and movies in this film, but it did feel more like an ''extra feature'' rather than a documentary. Still an interesting watch.

Captain America - Civil War
Anthony Russo & Joe Russo

Yep, I'm on a Marvel run. I don't like the movies much, but I just wanted to understand why it's getting so many people excited. Again, with this installment, I can see why people are entertained by the MCU, but come on, it just feels like Fast & Furious at this point.

Jackie Brown
Quentin Tarantino

Samuel L. Jackson is amazing in this (well, he is in all of Tarantino's films). First watch, but definitely not my favorite Tarantino flick.

Swiss Army Man
Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert

What the f***.


Black Panther
Ryan Coogler

Definitely the most refreshing Marvel movie in a while, even if it's still a very cliché movie.


Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Quentin Tarantino

That anime sequence tho!


Drake Doremus

Could have been so much better! The visuals are great, loved the vibe of the entire movie, but they ruined it with the predictable Hollywood script.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Jon Watts

This felt more like Iron Man 4 than Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Falling Down
A very memorable movie where there are so many good characters, dialogue, and set pieces.

Almost every scene in this movie with D-FENS in it is perfect.
The symbolism and references to a collapsing economy can be seen throughout the film.
It couldn't have ended better.

you're retarded.

Yeah I got no clue how this film got such a high score/ranking. I laughed a hand full of times but it's not really a buddy film and you've got this character in Zoe Saldana that is a complete buzz kill. At the end of the day I just felt nothing

Meanwhile A Dog's Journey didn't get the best reviews but it got quite a few tears out of me. The film has a bit of a Hollywood propaganda issue with this one but I was drawn in to the story and the first few acts are incredibly strong.

Ready or Not is a pretty good movie, it's what you would consider a "fun" film but it misses the mark as a comedy (because it under-serves the ensemble) and it doesn't quite manage to get the horror right (You're Next did it much better). Samara Weaving is very talented and has a bright future

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, this is another one of those movies where had they just removed the politics this could have been a classic. Parts of this looked really good but it likely won't make my top ten horror films at the end of the year.