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Nightcrawler (2014)

There are previous reviews of the film already posted by MoFo members who have watched it already.

All I want to add is that the movie is a smart, intense, and thrilling portrait of a world consumed by media. Jake Gyllenhaal does an incredible job as a Travis Bickle type eccentric character named Lou Bloom, a petty criminal who wanders Los Angeles by night waiting for his next big hit which comes in the form of observing first-hand a group of nightcrawlers, or non-union amateur videographers, racing to the scene of a horrible car crash to film and sell the footage to the local TV news stations. Soon after, Lou gets his hands on a camcorder and a police scanner and is in business, hiring an assistant named Rick, played by Pakistani British rapper turned actor Riz Ahmed.

I predict an Academy Award nomination for Gyllenhaal, and possibly a Supporting Actress nod for Rene Russo.


I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, the movi explains that alcoholics live through similar predicaments just like other drug abusers do. 2.5/5

Winter Calls Thy Name


Great looking, entirely formulaic popcorner.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 8/10

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 9/10

Elysium 7/10
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I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, the movi explains that alcoholics live through similar predicaments just like other drug abusers do. 2.5/5
It's a semi-autobiographical movie based on the life of Charles Bukowski.

The Producers (1967)

A normal man? For me, a normal man is one who turns his head to see a beautiful woman's bottom. The point is not just to turn your head. There are five or six reasons. And he is glad to find people who are like him, his equals. That's why he likes crowded beaches, football, the bar downtown...

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The Jungle Books (1967) - 6.5/10

Despite the first half and its breathtakingly rendered animation being decidedly better than I remember it, the second half was as dull, meandering and ultimately dissatisfying as I remember it being as a child. The snake's song 100% kills the momentum that the film was trying to create, the Beatles-styled Vultures' song even moreso and Kahn's overarching menace is not nearly so omnipresent as the film supposes it to be. It has great songs, great animation and great voice actors (especially George Sanders and Phil Harris), but is sadly just an average-quality film.
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Ikiru - 10/10 - What a great film! Amazing! It's not too different than "Wild Strawberries"

The Hidden Fortress - 4/10 - Didn't like it.. But after seeing Ikuru, I thought I'd like it. Nope.

Into the wild - 7.5/10

Watch Clockwork Orange, Paths of Glory and Fullmetal Jacket
Clockwork and Full Metal Jacket would be rewatch's so I might check out Paths of Glory. It's short too. But I'm surprised no one has said Spartacus, I've wanted to see that for a while.

Either Full Metal Jacket or A Clockwork Orange. They're two easy favorites of mine and, in my opinion, are his two best films.
I remember not liking Full Metal Jacket very much. It is due for a rewatch, but there's no way it's beating 2001, or Dr. Strangelove.
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Jack and Jill - 2/10

I gave it just about the same rating you did, when I covered it in my CR review thread. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who felt that way.
It didn't do that well all over really.