Greetings Old timers i am a Kid who needs advice... I Volunteer at a Adult Activity program here in Bella Vista, Arkansas... The clientele is 60 and older... I want to set up a Saturday matinee. but i need help... the idea is for the whole family can come in for a 1/2 a day of Movies fun and entertainment. bring them back for a day... so i would like to set up a line up similar to a matinee back in 1950's?

So i need to have an idea how long did the 50 cents take you? 2 hours? What was played? I Know there were news reels, previews, Advertisements for theater (Snack bar), a intermission, cartoons, and movie Posters, etc. the content will be from and i will be putting it together on a DVD.

so what is a suggested lineup?

2 cartoons
Coming attractions
news reel
1/2 of the feature presentation
Conclusion of feature
national anthem

Is there anything missing from line up? Suggestions? I was born in the 70s and do not know what a typical Saturday matinee. i just want to try a experience. i would like to take this to nersing homes retirement centers, etc.