The MoFo Top 100 Foreign Language Film Countdown

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I probably give Porco Rosso
. For what is essentially a children's movie, it does go into a lot of detail involving fascist Italy between the World Wars and exhibits a true love of flying. It's basically just an old-fashioned adventure movie except that the hero's face has been turned into that of a pig. That doesn't seem to keep him from being popular with the ladies though. It's not as complex or weird as some of Miyazaki's other films, but it's certainly a fun hour and a half which flies by very quickly.

Paprika is worth watching for the visuals alone and is probably as good as Porco Rosso. On that level, I'd rate it higher, but somehow it just doesn't add up to as wonderful an overall experience as I think the material deserves.

Nights of Cabiria is prime Fellini although it's not a personal fave. I like the American musicalization, Sweet Charity, better. Here's a two-minute clip from Cabiria which gives you a brief idea of the character's luck with men and life.

None of them made my list.
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Already have one t watch. Haven’t seen Paprika yet. I loved Porco Rosso when I saw it but I really need to get to some Miyazaki rewatched. Porco was in contention for my favorite first go around.

Haven't seen Porco Rosso or Paprika so things have just started the way I expected for me
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Hm I don't see Nights of Cabiria...I'll try some tech support stuff here and see what I can do. Basically "try turning it off and on."

I was going to say noticed people guessing 5 or 6 for animated films making the list. That might be a bit low.

EDIT: I see...

OK, this is embarrassing but I think I made a mistake on the list. There are so many ties that have to be broken manually and I'm afraid I have written down the wrong film at #99. I am going to triple check the ties and placements again, sorry!
Nice I don't have to shutdown my computer!
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Yes, there apparently is an issue on #99

She’s doing a recount I believe, right now.
I’m having flashbacks to this past election.

Stop the count! Stop the count!

Porco was 12 for me. Hope after the mistake it still survived. A bit confused on the mistake currently.....

Well I guess it's not going to officially make the 100, bummer. I didn't think it would actually

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
I had Paprika at #19, so looks like I got me one right outta the gate. Pretty happy to see this start with an animated film

Paprika aka Papurika (2006)

In regards to the marrying of the dream world and reality using pseudo technology, this, for me, clearly knocks it out of the park for Director Satoshi Kon.
Unlike his thoroughly, intentionally ambiguous Perfect Blue, and the slow meanderings of Millennium Actress I found this "Goldilocks Recommendation" quite ideal for me. My Old Fart's Brain comprehending the storyline's very enjoyable sojourn amidst the D.C. Mini's ever-expanding pageantry taking complete control of specific individuals. The "Race" to discover who is at the bottom of it all playing out quite expertly for me.
A well-crafted, visually impressive collage of cohesively chaotic imagery.
I was entranced - throughout.

I highly applaud and am completely, utterly delighted to have FINALLY experienced this.

Movies Seen: 1 of 1 (100.00%)
19. Paprika (2006) #100
25) In This Corner of the World (2016) One Pointer
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I've seen Paprika, although it didn't make my list proper or the honorable mentions list.

The chief selling point is the visuals. The scene involving the parade is definitely a must see in a film that wasn't always clear what was going on, but the visuals just draw you in and keep you watching.

Porco Rosso was a fun movie, but I would have liked a little more information about why he was a pig. I think it was supposed to be some kind of curse that made him a pig, but I don't know anything about the curse. It just seemed to be a weird and unnecessary part of the movie.

Paprika was an interesting movie, but it was a bit confusing. It may take a few rewatches to fully understand it.

Neither movie made my list.
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A bit confused in this start though. Where did Nights of Cabiria place then?

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I voted Red Angel, shame no-one else did but hopefully more people check it out, its a great film.
Porco Rosso is probably my favourite Miyazaki and Paprika is excellent also, although I preferred Perfect Blue.
Great start!
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