Serial killer vs child


One scene I remember is the kid is in a shop of some kind and the killer is there following him. I think at one point one of them aims a toy gun at the other and fires a blank or something.

If that's not enough, another scene is where a cop/sheriff is searching the house of the killer, and soon as he heads towards the exit, he is struck in the head with an axe.

How old is the movie?

A total wild goose chase as I haven't seen the film in 30 years or something but axe killing, toys and kids somehow brings Silent Night, Deadly Night to mind.

EDIT: There's the axe murder of the police (timestamping doesn't seem to work so jump to 14:10 or so):

movie probably 80's 90's?
12 or younger.

That looks like a good Christmas movie to watch, but that's not it. I didn't see, but maybe the killer is after a kid because he is a witness to one of his murders, as far as I know he didn't go after any other kids.

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