Looking for Gawain


Years ago (sometime before 2000) I watched a movie about Gawain (of Arthurian legend). I can't remember if there was a Green Knight, but Gawain eventually met and married a woman who had a pig snout. It somewhat followed the original tale of the Green Knight with the curse the woman was under being partially lifted when Gawain married her and promised his love. When she told him she could be beautiful during the day when they were with others or at night when they were alone, he either chose for her to be beautiful during the day or let her choose--can't remember which--resulting in the curse being completely lifted and her being beautiful. I cannot find this film or recognize it in any listings. Does anyone know the name of this film? Thanks!

Was the film animated, or live action with real people?

Could be: Merlin And The Sword (Arthur The King) (1985):

There is very little of the story of Arthur and Guinevere in this movie. Rather, it is focuses on the touching story of Sir Gawain and the Lady Ragnell (Ann Thornton) who is under a spell that turned her face into that of a pig.
I'm looking for prison movie:

Could be: Merlin And The Sword (Arthur The King) (1985)
I believe Wositelec is correct.

It looks like the film doesn't take itself too seriously, and it might be fun. Here is a trailer (spoof) featuring scenes from the film. You can see the poor woman with a pig's face: