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What do you think of Dwayne Johnson?


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He has a poor choice in movies roles, don't think he knows what makes a good film, reads lousy scripts and jumps on board
It's entirely possible that he knows what makes for a good movie but isn't interested in following that route because it conflicts with his efforts to establish a brand as an ass-kicking action star. The allegation that his contracts stipulate he can't lose fights (at least no more than his other big co-stars like Diesel or Statham) suggest an attempt to build an inflexible action hero persona that fundamentally limits him, whereas even divisive/unpopular films like Southland Tales and Pain & Gain are at least trying to stretch his range (and the poor reception to both has arguably scared him away from doing similarly ambitious roles that don't mix with the aforementioned brand).
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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he is alright i loved some of his films and loved his instagram videos with his 2 daughters his an amazing father to them
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I liked him a lot in Be Cool and thought he did well as the voice of Maui in Moana, but I rarely watch his movies.

He was SO funny in Be was Andre Benjamin

I don't think about The Rock at all.

I am entirely indifferent to him. Probably because he is an action start.

I like him as a person. Im increasingly dissatisfied with his choice of roles as his career has gone on. I loved his earlier roles but has definitely gone down the "for kids" movie route which is a shame.
An actor of limited range but has charisma in Arnold.

Incredible man, he was successful not only as an actor but also as a wrestler. I like almost all of his movies. And about the box office of the movie "Jumanji," I agree, somehow too little, the movie is good.

Should add that if you want to see the Rock, at his most rockiest, watch "Fighting With My Family". The most Rockastic effort in portraying "The Rock" ever put to screen.

Thanks Dwayne...