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Hmmm. @ScarletLion is Welsh & he plans to see EO this week.
I see some Irish screenings but London has been all over the place recently in terms of film times. If itís out Iíll seek it out of course tomorrow.

Professional horse shoe straightener
Same, dying to see EO but itís nowhere near being out here in the U.K. In practice, at least.
Yeah it's showing in Cardiff next week. Your local art house place should have it this month.

Yes, I found it.

Yet another film suggesting humanity deserves to go extinct. Probably true, that. Overall I had mixed feelings about the message, but itís beautiful.
Bonus points: the below was the most revolting trailer I have seen in my life. Its first few seconds annoyed me so much that I sat in headphones blasting rock for its entire (excessive!) duration. I do know Iím overly sensitive to sound, but it was still ridiculous.