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You guys have me thinking about gender and how it influences the movies we watch and what we relate to. I never think about these movies as guy movies that I like. They are just a type of movie that very much appeals to me. I always wonder in gender how much is really innate and how much is expected.

I don't know how much more I would relate to Fight Club if I were a man, but it's interesting to think about.
this reminds me of this article about women in film making up less than 1/3 of all movie roles that i read the other day, which is fairly interesting/amusing. it's somewhat relevant.

by the way, Sexy, i know Helena Boham Carter was not THE reason i like Fight Club. well, let me be more clear: i used to really love the movie back when it first came out, and it wasn't because of her character. i was about 17 when i got around to seeing it, and i think it was "the film" that got me really interested in movies and discussing them and really thinking about them. so it holds that special place in my heart. and it's not because i'm a rebel or i want to start a Fight Club or i was in love with Brad Pitt, it wasn't any of those things. i just thought it was well written, well shot, and entertaining as hell, and i wanted to know more about it. i must have watched the commentary a bajillion times.

anyway, i think it's the perfect movie for someone that's 18-years-old, male or female.

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i'm SUPER GOOD at Jewel karaoke
SC, i have to ask, what made you want to watch this? it definitely doesn't seem like the sort of thing you'd normally pick.

Saw Garp at the movies when it came out people were raveing about it but i wasn't a fan of it back then
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i'm SUPER GOOD at Jewel karaoke
i kinda skimmed over this one because i haven't seen Drive yet and am going to soon, but the mannequin thing was erm... interesting.

I have never seen the TV show, 21 Jump Street, but I have a feeling this isn't a bad movie adaptation. It makes me interested in seeing the TV show now and I would love to see a sequel to this movie.
I can't say for sure, but from what I've heard about the film and what I've seen from the trailer, this is about as loosely connected to Jump Street as it's possible for it to be. The two main characters sound a bit like Hanson and Penhall (Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise) with Ice Cube playing Captain Fuller (Steven Williams). It's about young looking police officers who are sent undercover to high schools and youth groups/gangs because of their appearance. 21 Jump Street was a church, but I think that's where the similarities are ending. Unless there are some cameos and/or familiar storylines included. It was a serious programme and was only shown over here on satellite tv. Needless to say, I loved it.

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The two worst Halloween movies have to be the epic turd Halloween: Resurrection. When Busta Rhymes starts kicks Michael Myers' ass all over the place...

Also Rob Zombie's H2. What a horrid mess. Give me the Paul Rudd edition over these two.
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Zombie's Halloween, yeah I liked it. That sequel, though... ugh.
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28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
My thoughts on H2:

Not much of a plot, not much of a film. This sequel punishes those who had any interest in the first and almost immediately kills this re-invented series. The remake of the original is not bad and Zombie did a decent job of bringing Michael Myers to the new century of horror, but with the sequel he seems to have steered too far into House of 1,00 corpses territory.

Why is Michael so terrifying? Well, he use to be that is, because he never had a reason to kill. He just did it. In the words of Dr. Loomis, he was pure evil. Freddy had the revenge thing, Jason has the mommy issues, Michael was just evil. Zombie, on the other hand, seems to have missed this point and deemed it necessary to have Michel do things because of visions he has of his mother and a white horse. Enough with the mommy issues, leave that crap for Jason. Michael got his background story given to us in the remake. He is a sick and disturbing boy, now we see that he has a method behind his madness?

The film's script consists of dream sequence, wake up and scream obscenities. Then we cut to Michael making a trip to Mount Doom, killing people along the way. Repeat this for about an hour. Then have a lame, not thrilling, not scary pathetic excuse for a climax at the end, that takes place in a shed. A shed in which Myers stands still while our main character battles herself and imaginary people. This is the same main character whom people seem to have liked in the first film, here she becomes an annoying crying little emo baby. The film brings back a few character whom we thought were dead from the first film, only to see them die here. Waste? I think so. Purpose? Nothing what so ever. Dr. Loomis has a separate story alongside Myers and Strode. One that makes him look like a total douche bag and seems to have been thrown in to make the film run longer and seem more fleshed out. The problem is that it's paper thin and out of character.

Myers is no longer scary, and neither is this series. The film is laughable and the predictable by the numbers set up and execution will make you fall asleep. After years and years of slasher films, you would think they would want the deaths to be unique and the very least creative. Seeing this horror legends slice and dice is what the fans of the original series want. Halloween II has none of this. All Myers does is stab people multiple times. Grunting while doing so, which also ruins the myth of this character. He is suppose to be this silent killer. With the exception of a face stomp, none of these kills are memorable.

Zombie here seems to have gone backwards in his film-making skills. The whole thing feels like a first time music video director takes a shot at a horror film. The sloppy editing and hand held camera make it almost impossible to see. The darkness of the film doesn't help either. I respect Zombie, more than Eli Roth, for trying to put a new stamp on the horror genre, but this is a horrible mess. Being a member of the Splat Pack, you can expect this film to be excessive in its violence. It is, but it's never really too much, specifically with how filsm are done these days.

This is probably one of the weakest slasher films to have come out in a while. Prom Night is the only thing I can think of that is lower on the scale. Things are left unexplained for god knows what reason. Apparently Myers and Strode share a psychic link to each other? Halloween was an interesting take from a fan of the horror genre on a classic. Halloween II is the same fan's dream, only in his own little weird world. A giant misstep, and this series is already done.

I'd say the only Halloween I enjoyed about as much as the original was H20. It actually focused on characters and Michael was pretty scary in it.

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Just catching up on some of your reviews. Some great stuff! Of distinction however is your Drive review - one of the more interesting, entertaining and downright weird reviews I've ever read!

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Just continuing my catch-up with some of your reviews. Fantastic stuff! So much so that I think I'm ready to grant you the huge honour and much coveted title of the most entertaining reviewer on the site. And my personal favourite

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Yes, but mostly silliness. It's not as bad as all the critics said, but I still think it works better as a MST3000 type experience. I'm sure, Sexy, you were constantly yelling at the screen and rolling your eyes.

By the way, Sexy, did you seen director Rush's The Stunt Man?
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Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Nice reviews Sexy. I've not seen (or even heard of) either of them but I liked your reviews and quite like the sound of The Boy Who Could Fly. Will try and keep an eye out for that one.

Colour Of Night...

... strange, badly written, completely transparent in the mystery department... yet still manages to be satisfying nonsense.
And yes, I mainly watched it for Jane March and not for Bruce Willy, erm, Willy's willy, erm, Bruiser's W... I give up.

Nice review

The late 80's/early 90's had a plethora of these films, Fatal Attraction, Final Analysis, Basic Instinct, Single White Female, Internal Affairs, Bound, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Disclosure, Jade, The Last Seduction, Sea Of Love, Poison Ivy, The Crush, Bad Influence. I'm sure there are more that I can't bring to mind, as well as plenty I simply don't know about.

Maybe this could be your new season of films, JD?
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