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I was going crazy trying to figure out what The Manchurian Candidate made me think of, then in the shower it hit me: Seconds, which makes sense because it's another Frankenheimer.
Don't forget to check out The Train too, Takoma; it's often forgotten about in his body of work, but it's the best Frankenheimer I've seen, to be honest.

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The Menu - (2022)

Ralph Fiennes is what excited me about seeing The Menu and he certainly didn't disappoint, imbuing his character with a perfect amount of subdued fury, and pride - I really get so much out of seeing him on the big screen. I also enjoy watching modern culture have broadsides fired at it, and although the supporting cast are fine I don't think there's anything there that I'll remember for long - but Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult are good as two different kinds of diner at Hawthorne - an exclusive style restaurant presided over by celebrity chef Julian Slowik (Fiennes) - and Hong Chau has an interesting kind of small part as a loyal, laser-focused minion. The film itself is separated into courses that match what's happening - which I'll leave for those who go see the film. The dishes also star, in their way and for what they represent. I had a good time.


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Marley & Me - (2008)

For those who have recommended Marley & Me, here and elsewhere, I finally did it. Were there tears? It's not hard to bring them on when it comes to the relationship a dog has with it's owners. I had a family dog who was also probably the worst dog in the world at the time. Completely untrainable - and absolutely incorrigible. Dino. He was a part of the family, and his pictures still adorn the walls of the place I live in. What shines through in this is John Grogan's book - and no matter who the leads were (in this case Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston - not my dream cast) that would be the same. Nice seeing Alan Arkin. The stars were the dogs - who were exceptionally well handled for the shoot. Great screenplay.

My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

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