MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2021 - Regular Season


My roster was very hot, and now its calmed down, so im glad theres still alot of season left. Honestly cant see any major blunder ive made coaching wise so far. Jesse Winker has been my biggest earner and surprise, Means my best waiver find. Buehler hasnt faltered now that hes pitching a full compliment of innings and games for the first time. Thankfully didnt offer him before the season at a low price tag, everyone usually wants a steal more than a balanced trade Whatever compelled me to snatch up Trea Turner in round 1 was spot-on, and my regrets afterward were just head noise. Chris Taylors gotten even better than hes ever been, and Matt Olsen has finally emerged.

Im falling in the rankings but staying put with the roster. Good times

Longoria to the IL. Will miss 4-6 weeks after colliding with his teammate.
Who? Never heard of him.

Jesse Winker with a 3 homer day. A Huzz to the Zah I say

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Who? Never heard of him.

Jesse Winker with a 3 homer day. A Huzz to the Zah I say
Evan Longoria. 3b position. Use to play for Tampa. 😎
Btw, liking Tampa’s chances for making it to the World Series again.

Was cool to see Kebryan Hayes get another homer last night. Were it not for missing first base oy.


Yeah fun player. I'm not sure what I think of him long-term, as a Pirates fan. I'm worried he's being oversold, at least offensively. The glove is legit though so even major offensive regression should leave him as a valuable player. And he's young enough that he might actually be part of a contender even assuming they take a few years to rebuild. Which they very much need to do and are clearly trying to do.

Yeah he's just exciting. I try to figure out what makes some players fun to watch, and I think it's usually having a broad mix of skills. So he's a little small and fast, but he's also got enough power to get a hold of one, and he's also a great fielder, which means when he's involved in a play anything might happen, as opposed to guys with more limited skillsets where the range of outcomes is smaller.

That and just being young and energetic, probably.

Maybe. Sometimes it just doesn't heal as quickly as they expect. The optimistic take is that "no timetable" doesn't mean a delay, just no real update yet. We'll see.

Well the results of Powdered Water and Yodas troubles this season has resulted in a Top Gun type of dogfight between 5 teams for the number one position. Marks Dodgers has mostly been on top but not by much or for a notable length of time, followed in no particular order of my team, the Corn County Corncobbs, the Done Dunns (I cant remember which Done comes first), and the Clockwork Angels. Right now the 3 time Champs are in 5th place but todays rankings are pointless. This season has more players out of comission than last year during the Coronavirus, not even Mike Trout is immune. The draft?! PFFT'! The number one player in the draft Ronald Acuna is on Hakuna Machado. the current last place team in the standings. Still alot of ball, no point in predicting, anyone can win this, yes even you Rauld. This season is Nostrodamus's worst nightmare, and alot of fun

For pretty much not having a first or second round pick, my team isn't horrible.

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Good to see Mookie looking spry, which gives me hope that he is waking up. Hoping he starts producing like the first rounder he is!

So far, so good flying solo. Lem has stated that he and I aren't to talk about fantasy baseball when we hang out, until further notice. Perhaps he is nursing a bruised ego? *shrugs*
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A system of cells interlinked
Players logging out of MLB REAL edition with broken ribs...

Not funny!

Once all my pitching comes back on line, I may have a guy ready to move for a decent bat...

Stay tuned!