MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2021 - Regular Season


I know it's early but it's super amazing how weak my team has been. Think it just needs a shake up

If anyone's interested in a hitter, I've got a couple to spare, and that's even with Marte and Teoscar out.

Open to moving any of them, don't feel strongly about any particular need at this point in the season, just looking to trade surplus for any kind of value.

I'm interested in Marte. Could use another injured guy

Technically I'll trade injured guys, but valuation is super hard in his case given that we don't know how bad it is. It sounds like it might just be a couple of weeks but they haven't provided a timetable.

So the big debate (?) today seems to be about the 7 inning no hitter. Is it a no hitter or not? If the league says a game is going to be seven innings (stupid) and you don't give up a hit for seven innings, that to me is a no hitter. These seven inning games need to go.

Also, how do you feel about the DH rule they're trying in the Atlantic League this season? You have a DH until you bring in a relief pitcher then it switches to NL/pitcher hitting rules. I'm not a huge fan of the DH but I think it's about as good a compromise as you're likely to find. Keeps some strategy going into the later innings while also giving the opportunity for a little more offense early on.

It's not a no-hitter in the way that matters to me, even if it obviously is in a technical sense, and those things are barely baseball games if you ask me. Wasn't nuts about the choice initially and I'm definitely not now, where it no longer seems remotely necessary.

I don't hate the DH compromise rule. I wouldn't mind seeing it in action. I think it's one of those things that'll either feel right or not in action, but on paper it sounds promising.

Dude... Harper takes a 97mph fastball to the face tonight. Owwweeeee! Good example why I don't play the game. True story. I had just left t-ball. First game with real pitching and I'm playing first base. Kid hits a grounder to me that takes a funny bounce and smacks me right between the eyes and breaks my glasses. End of my amateur career right there. I know I should have got back on the horse but dammit... I was just a kid. It hurt like hell. Hardball to face. I was not prepared for that. Mom was pissed that I broke my glasses of course. We were poor. Ah... goodtimes .
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If you hit a sacrifice fly, it doesn't count against your average, but it lowers your OBP.
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Even my bench is going off, and yes it still hurts if you miss out on that even on a good day.

Looks like 17, but geez, I legitimately cannot remember ever seeing that many in a day. Not even close. I feel like I've seen 12-13 a handful of times (a few times a year, tops), but that total is completely nuts.

I know it's early but it's crazy how I'm last in a lot

Robbie Ray is STILL one of my best pitchers. That's how it's going for my staff. You can only say that about a baseball team btw. Most people think you're talking about your f*ck stick when you say that.