Funny Movie Clip Or Anything Funny Clip Thread.


With all the problems with Covid19 i thought I would Post funny tv and movie clips or just funny anything clips to make people on here laugh and forget this bad time for just a moment and God Bless you all and I prey all here are healthy.
If you would like to request a funny clip from a movie tv series or talk show or any funny clip like say funny animals of bloopers. Oh and anyone is welcome to post there own funny clips like the Female Beauty Thread.

The Rock VS Jimmy Fallen Lips Synch Battle

Who Wants Some Pie---Family Matters

People Getting Scorioned---Ridiculousness

Best Moment Video From TV Show and Movie Youtube Reaction Channel for 2017 2018 and 2019
Check them out their really funny. In first video they were doing a drunk video game playing thing for charity 2 times

Some of the clips are from their weekly mailbag videos. Where there fans send them geeky gifts