Johnny Depp Movie!?!?!?


Years ago, I saw this movie, it was like a Roger Rabbit movie (with the cartoons and real life together), and Johnny Depp was in it, playing a cop.

I've tried searching for it, but I can't seem to find anything!!!

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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There is a movie called Cool World, but it starred Brad Pitt.
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Originally Posted by r3port3r66
There is a movie called Cool World, but it starred Brad Pitt.
That's it mate! Cheers!

Hmm I never saw him in this movie or even hear about it what is the plot of the movie?
That you are talking about and what is it rated?Anyway glad that you know the title now I thought I knew what it is was but I was way off!See you around!JM
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Johnny Depp was in a TV series when he was in his twenties. It was called 21 Jump Street. He played a cop in that. Hope this helps.
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cool world just recently came out on DVD if your interested.

and a little FYI when Johnney Depp started out on 21 Jump Street he wanted out so bad he screwed up takes purposely so that he would be fired (he couldn't quit due to a binding contract). He hated his pretty boy image that the industry gave him. He was known to tie rubber bands around his tongue so he would fumble his lines.