Coolest Opening Credits sequence?


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How could I forget Mementos opening credits!!! yes, definitely up there with Se7en for me.
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I can't believe neither myself nor anyone else mentioned the opening credit sequence to Almost Famous (I'm talking about the legal paid, not the ensuing "Chipmunk" Sequence).

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It's been a couple of months since I've watched Almost Famous so it's opening sequence is not fresh in my head.
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Fight club running through edward norton's brain coming out of his nose up the barrell of the gun (along to the dust brothers pounding soundtrack)...quality.

Se7en too - well whatcha expect same director

Both are by Ritchie, but I believe the only person that stars in both is Vinnie Jones
Brick top had a crap part in the first one as his fathers friend...
Jason Statham - turkish was in lock stock as Bacon
Jason Flemying - one of the pikies in snatch was Tom in lock stock

those are the ones I know of.

As well as ritchie it was also produced by the same bloke as well...

Snatch doesn't STAR Jason Flemying.
His role as "Darren" in Snatch is almost a mistake.

He rocked up on set to take photographs, and to quote Ritchie in the commentary: "Somehow he weaseled his way into the bloody film..."

Unsure if that's true or not.

Great question. I never think about the credits of a movie unless I'm actually watching it at that moment, so I am probably forgetting some great ones.

The Terminator
Conan the Barbarian
The Last Dragon
Superman and Superman II
Men in Black
Planet of the Apes (the new one)
Forrest Gump
Naken Gun
Dirty Dancing
and just about every James Bond film
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Hannibal would be one mine. I'll try to think of a few more
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Trainspotting is a good one, with Renton and his crew running away from the police after robbing the bookstore. It's a twisted parody of the opening credit sequence of It's a Hard Day's Night.

Pulp Fiction, because halfway through the credits they change the radio from Dick Dale to "Jungle Boogie" by Kool and the Gang. "Get down with the boogie!"
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IMO , Spawn.
Death to Smoochy is my most anticipated movie of 2002.

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What is this place, No one has mantiond The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
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I liked the way Pirates of the Carribbean opened up, with neither the disney or the bruckheimer logos displayed. I thought that was a very cool and smart move.

Also all of the recent Marvel movies have had cool credits sequences, I liked the Hulk's the best though.
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Panic Room impressed me with its originality. Now others are copying it without success.
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I think it has to be Lord of the Rings..

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Panic Room
Minority Report
Kiss Me Deadly
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Yeah, the fight club OC was pretty cool as were the X flicks OC's done by the same dude (and no, I don't know his name). But honourable mentions should go to the wild bandito who come up with the sequences for Spiderman (golly gosh Batman that movie sucked!) and The Hulk.
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Fight Club and Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail

Like "Speed" I like the opening of that even through it is very long!and the old Star Wars I like the beginning of that one!Willow has a dark opening!
"Lord of the Rings" is good too I like the dark and then the words and the music of the first and second one it is sad music but it fits the movies reallly g ood!
and that is it I guess!See you around!JM
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Spiderman's opening credits were pretty cool
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For me it would be every James Bond movie and Spiderman.
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