Change One Detail.....and the whole story


Pick a movie, take one decision the character makes and change it, how will it effect the ending?

Fight Club, if the bullet had killed Edward Norton I think Project Mayhem would have expanded and done real damage all over the nation, and Marla would have become their Stokholm Syndromed leader since she would not have been released from the space monkeys.

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...okay? (technically, that's not changing his decision either)
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This should be in the games section, but an entire thread devoted to spoilers from various films is going to ruin them for those who haven't seen them yet.

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Edward Norton curves the bullet.
No. Go deeper!
Fox (Jolie) was lurking in the shadows with the intent to curve a bullet trajectory in order to assassinate Edward Norton's character because the message from the loom stated that Ed Norton is Tyler Durden (A.K.A. Brad Pitt). Norton's character saw her silhouette and became distracted as he pulled the trigger, effectively botching his suicide efforts. That was the first moment Fox begins to doubt the Fraternity. Then we pick up with James McAvoy screaming at the camera.

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Speaking of which, the guy from Wanted should've eaten a bullet so I wouldn't have had to sit through such an atrocious movie.

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The heroes in Brokeback Mountain aren't gay.
The two leads in Titanic both are gay.
Ferris decides to casually go to school at the beginning of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Walbrook accidently kills the Brit during the duel at the beginning of the movie in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp.
Men never plan to escape in Grand Illusion, The Great Escape, and many other films of this kind.
Gloria Swanson misreads her famous quote as: "I'm still big. It's the dicks that got small" in Sunset Boulevard.
The eponymous Seven Samurai don't give a f*ck about the villagers.
The apeman never throws a bone in the air in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
The killer in M never whistles.
The kid never kills his mother at the beginning of My Life as a Zucchini.

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Apocalypse Now:
Change Kurtz from an insane American colonel to just a native who attacks Americans. I wonder how that would have gone?
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Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
The Wayne family go to a movie instead of the opera and the movie doesn’t have any bat scenes.
The young Bruce grows with inner conflict as he has a high predisposition to violence with no outlet. His father adopts the role of the white knight hero type of Gotham. Rachael, Bruce’s childhood love interest falls for Bruce’s father as she is drawn to a saviour hero type. They have an affair. In a fit of unbridled jealous rage Bruce kills his father, mother and Rachael...decapitating them. Due to his enournous inheritance he is able to hire the best criminal defence lawyer (Dent) whom argues insanity. Bruce spends several years inside an insane asylum essentially becoming the joker.