Favorite 300 Films List The Redux.


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141 Big Fish
Probably one of Burtons better films he made. Outside of the 2 Batman films for me. He had a certain style that really worked betters years ago and its unfortunate people dont get his style of film making. Today films looks more for mistakes and how well effects carry a movie. Im glad this movie came out during the time it did. Ewan McGregor was always more of an actor then just the Kid from Maulin Rogue and Obi Wan Kenobi from the Prequel Star Wars films.

140 Black Snake Moan
Really this movie should not work in the era where this would not be released by most studios but the movie just works when it was released and its a talent to the actress and Sam Jackson ca Its one of his most underrated films. Im not sure any other black actor could made this character work.

139 Jeramiah Johnson
The best Robert Redford film too me and really one best films to watch if like films about the early wilderness frontier. Strange that i saw Will Geer in this movie before seeing the Waltons. Will Geer is what made me turn on and watch The Waltons.

142 The Little Mermaid
Bruh. Just kiss the girl bruh.
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138 Willow
I know its not very grand to look at special effects wise and it probably looks dated to today's youth but just something about Willow that touches a true fan of the movies heart. This movie and Star Wars was my memory of films when I was really young as far as pop culture was in the 80s. I figure willow will be remade some day and that makes me sad.

137 Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets
To me the first 2 films are still my favorite in look and style of the HP movie series. More or less Chamber is not my top 3 Fav film of there franchise. Order of The Phoenix I Left out of the list because its my least favorite of them. This sadly would be one of Richard Harris last movies ever made.