sex for photos of shoes?


What is the name of the 1980 -90's TV movie?:
A young female photographer has lost her inspiration. She begins
sleeping with a couple of different men. She notices the different
patterns of how they leave their shoes. She becomes obsessed by this
and sleeps with several men a week just to take photos of their shoes.
There is a gallery opening and her father is there. He realizes what
she did to have taken the picture, and he is ashamed of her and storms
out of the gallery. This might have been a Lifetime Movie.

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How could her father have figured out she was sleeping with men to take pictures of their shoes?

That movie sounds insane.
It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
- Paula

I think the father recognizedthe carpet.

She would be better off sleeping with them to find out what they are eating for breakfast. That's worthwhile marketing information for the food industry.

Sherryfhc, you wouldn't be pulling our legs with your movie question by any chance?

I think it sounds like it could be a John Waters movie, not a Lifetime movie.

I've found a movie that fits your plot to some extent but it's from 2005 and there is no mention of shoes coming into play. "Dirty Love" does have a struggling promiscuous photographer as the leading actress. Where it says "Did you mean: etc" just click on "Dirty Love (film)"